Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bella's Official 1-Year Stats

We accidentally scheduled Bella's 1-year wellness appointment with the wrong doctor last week, so we rescheduled for this week so we could see Dr. Hosemann. Dr. Hosemann is our favorite pediatrician and she has seen Bella for all of her wellness appointments so she really knows Bella the best. Anyway... here are the 12 month stats:

Height: 31 inches (95th percentile) - What a tall girl! I'm hoping she inherited my family's height genes.

Weight: 24 lbs 10 oz (95th percentile) - She is finally evening out and losing the baby fat!

She received FOUR shots today! I was under the impression she was only going to receive three vaccinations today, however she received four. She was such a trooper and did really well (all things considered). Dr. Hosemann gave Bella a clean bill of health and congratulated us on our happy and healthy 1-year-old daughter!

On a more serious note... Dr. Hosemann has referred us to Dr. Fernandez, a neurologist at All Children's Hospital. It's more of a precautionary visit, as Dr. Hosemann wants to rule out any neurological reasons for why Bella has issues bearing weight on her legs. While she isn't technically developmentally delayed, she is having some issues pulling up on her own and appropriately bearing weight on both of her legs. This was not what we were expecting to hear today, but it is, what it is. Bella will see Dr. Fernandez in May, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 

Well, Bella will be up from her nap soon, so I'd better get going.

Love always, 
Ian, Kim & Bella

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