Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I'm finally getting around to updating the blog... blame it on the holidays. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is ready for one last celebration in 2009.

We traveled to Baltimore to spend Christmas with my family. We had the pleasure of enjoying a White Christmas! It didn't snow on Christmas Day, but there was a ton of snow on the ground. It has been many years since I've had a white Christmas and Ian has never had a white Christmas. I think our Tour de Baltimore has been completed and I apologize for anyone we missed while we were in town. We visited with Dawn, the Pfeilers and other old friends. We spent Christmas Eve with my mom and her side of the family. We spent Christmas Day with my mom and her side of the family in the early afternoon and then with my dad and his side of the family later in the evening. We enjoyed spending time with both sides of the family, shared a lot of great food and laughed it up. Every time we visit and spend time with my family, I am reminded as to just how much I miss my family and living in Baltimore. We were supposed to bring the boys with us, but decided at the last minute to leave them at home. 

Unfortunately on Saturday I was a bit under the weather, so we really didn't do much that day. We bummed around my dad's house, watched some bowl games and took naps. Despite not feeling very well, it was a very relaxing day. We watched the Ravens game today, although I almost wish we didn't because it was a terrible game. The refs made some bad calls, the Ravens made some awful plays and the Ravens ended up losing. Oh well, the Ravens are still in the hunt for the wild card spot in the AFC playoffs, so at least they still have a chance. 

We leave tomorrow afternoon and will be back in Tampa and back to the real world. I really enjoyed having the past few days off from work and I can't wait for the next 3-day holiday weekend, which happens to be this weekend! We're in the process of making plans for New Year's Eve but I think we're going out this year. Obviously I will serve as designated driver, lucky me! 

As for the bun-in-the-oven... she is doing just fine and enjoyed all the delicious holiday food! I'm now 24 weeks and progressing as expected. The next OBGYN appointment is January 8th, but it's just a routine 4-week appointment; no ultrasound or anything fun. We did schedule a "boutique ultrasound" at Meet the Baby. I referred to it as a boutique U/S because it is conducted outside of the OBGYN's office, by a licensed U/S technician but it's just for fun. We're going to have a 30 minute 3D/4D on January 16th, when I'm 27 weeks. Hopefully she cooperates and allows us to confirm that she is, in fact, a she. 

That's all from the land of Ravens and Natty Boh! Oooh, which reminds me... I need to stock up on Tastykakes, Utz potato chips and Berger cookies before we leave. Yum! 

Love always,
Ian & Kim

P.S. We really miss our boys, Riley and Kaiser and cannot wait to see them tomorrow!

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