Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Bella!

I cannot believe I'm writing this post, but today is Bella's 1st birthday! She will officially be 1-year-old at 11:30am, so I'm going to relish the next few hours of having an infant. It's hard to believe, but this time last year I was laying in a hospital bed getting ready to give birth to my baby girl. She is taking her last nap as a baby and when she wakes up, she will be a big girl. We are so blessed to have her! 

Bella hasn't gone for her 12-month wellness appointment yet, but her are some approximations:

Height: About 31 inches   

Weight: About 25 pounds

Clothing Size: Bella is generally wearing 12 month clothes due to the fact that she is finally evening out in height and weight. She does wear 18-24 month clothes, but only in Gymboree. It really depends on the outfit and I'm so glad that she is finally wearing age/size appropriate clothing!

Sleeping Pattern: Bella is a sleeping champ! She takes two 2-hour naps a day and sleeps through the night. She is such a good sleeper and we are very thankful! She has even started putting herself to sleep, as we have dropped the bedtime bottle. 

Eating Pattern: We've been weaning Bella off formula and mixing her formula with whole milk. We're giving her only organic milk (when we're at home) and we're hoping to give her mostly organic foods. She isn't a picky eater, but some days she refuses to eat a food that she gobbled up the previous day. We try to get her to finish the food, even if she fights us a little. Hopefully our method will pay off in the long run and Bella will eat what is put in front of her. 

Milestones: Bella is cutting her first molar and several other teeth. She has about 8-9 teeth and seems to be cutting new teeth every week. The molar has been difficult and we're relying on Humphreys teething tablets, Motrin and Orajel. Bella is crawling on all fours and has this mastered. She has been pulling up on furniture and we're hoping she will start cruising soon. Bella still says words like "da-da", "ma-ma", "out" and has added words such as "dog" and "car". She recognizes both Ian and I, as well as Grandma and her little friends. She loves to point at things and has been working on pointing at things to let us know her preference. 

Friends: The usual crew... Connor, Carter, Tyler, Layla, Camden, Luke, Taylan, Logan and Lily! Bella's friend Gia has been in Ohio since January and we're hoping to see her soon! The McGill kids are also great neighborhood friends of ours! =) Birthday party season is in full affect and we've been celebrating a birthday (or two) nearly every week.

Current Events: We had AWFUL weather in Tampa last week. We had several tornados within a 1/4 of a mile from our house! It rained so much and the wind was absolutely wicked. Trees were uprooted, fences were blown away, roofs were blown off and people were without power for days. Luckily our house and neighborhood faired very well.

Happy 1st Birthday Isabella Eve! We love you very much and cannot imagine our lives without you!

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

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