Saturday, February 26, 2011

She Crawls!

We officially have a crawler in our house... well she's more of an expert Army crawler, but Bella is crawling nonetheless. This is a huge milestone for us, because Bella is nearly 11-months-old and just perfected her Army crawling. The next thing we know, she will be crawling on her hands and knees and eventually walking. 

These physical development "milestones" are important to us because Bella has not always had an easy time reaching such "milestones." I say "milestones" because crawling is not considered an actual milestone in terms of development, however it is important for us to consider it a milestone. When Bella was diagnosed with torticollis and plagiocephaly, I worried that she would have a difficult time compensating, however she seems to be developing at a normal pace. We have been working with her to pull her self up and stand with support, but this seems to be a difficult task her. She still does not pull herself up and definitely is not cruising yet. Again, I am worried, but the pediatrician and physical therapist do not consider it a problem at this point in time. 

Speaking of Bella's plagiocephaly... she has been in her helmet since December 10th and has made great progress. When her head was scanned and measured in late November, the asymmetry was 15.7mm, meaning the difference in the shape of her head was 15.7mm. This is seen as moderate to severe and warranted the prescription of the corrective helmet. Bella had a scan and measurements done after being in the helmet for 8 weeks and the asymmetry has improved greatly... and is now only 9.5mm! This is very promising news and we're hoping that another big growth spurt (or two) will help reduce the asymmetry even more. Bella still has bi-weekly appointments with the orthotist and physical therapy twice a week. 

Anyway... we are so very proud that Bella started crawling and I cannot believe how quickly she is growing up! 

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

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