Monday, November 28, 2011

Bella and Pop visit the Florida Aquarium

The first night Pop arrived, he and Ian attended the Wright State University vs. Florida basketball game at the St. Pete Times Forum (soon to be renamed the Tampa Bay Times Forum, but I digress). Bella and I joined them for dinner at Channelside and on our way there, Pop asked about the Florida Aquarium. He asked if Bella had ever been and if so, would does she enjoy going. Bella has been to the aquarium several times and she really enjoys looking at all the fish and other sea creatures. And so it was decided that during Pop's visit, we would make a trip to the Florida Aquarium.

We decided to go this morning because the kids were back in school and it wouldn't be as crowded. And wow, were we right, as the aquarium was deserted! Awesome. As we were about to purchase our tickets, I noticed a sign that said "10% off memberships" and so I inquired as to what new, low price a membership would set us back. The normal price is $95 for two adults, but with the 10% discount, it brought the price down to $85. After doing some quick math, Pop and I decided that it would probably be in our best interest to buy a membership, as basically two trips to the aquarium would cover the cost of a year-long membership. So thanks to Pop, we are now members of the Florida Aquarium! Thank you, Pop!

Bella loves the aquarium! She loves pointing to things and attempting to identify them. We heard the word "fish" quite a bit and it never got old. She identified starfish and referred to them as "stars." We gently pet "stars" in the touch tank, which was a big hit. She saw ducks and shouted, "quack, quack" as they swam by. Bella even identified an alligator and would have made her father proud by saying, "chomp! chomp!" Not only is she adorable, but she is so smart!

We will definitely be frequenting the aquarium more often, now that we are members. I know, I know... it seems like we have passes to anything and everything, but there is just SO MUCH to do in Tampa and passes really make it worth while. I love exposing Bella to new and exciting things, so having passes to the aquarium and zoo are great because not only are they fun places to go, but she can learn a little something while we're there. Plus, being out and about is much more fun than sitting at home!

Here are a few pictures from our day at the aquarium:
Laughing at the stingrays.
Pop helping Bella touch some "stars" in the touch tank.
Pop and Bella, just talking about "fishies." 
Bella chasing a shark... how fun!
Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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