Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Funday with the family

Today wasn't just a good day; it was an amazingly great day. We spent time together as a family, with our extended family, the Pelusos. The weather was beautiful and we had the perfect Sunday Funday.

We had a picnic in our family room for breakfast, which was so cute. We put a blanket down and ate breakfast together, all four of us. This is a rarity and such a treat. Our girls are amazingly sweet and sitting with them at their level to enjoy a meal was wonderful.

We then picked up our friends the Pelusos and headed to Lakeland. There is an AWESOME park there called Common Ground and so we hit it up with our three girls in tow. This park was A-Mazeballs! Bella enjoyed running around, swinging g, climbing, sliding and just being a carefree kid! CeCe and Daniella enjoyed swinging and crawling around (it had astro turf and squishy padded "flooring." We will definitely be heading back there soon.

For lunch, we ate at Harry's in Lakeland. I enjoyed shrimp and grits (how southern of me) and everyone else enjoyed po boy sandwiches. The atmosphere was great and we enjoyed a leisurely lunch, all 7 of us! The girls (all three of them) were so well behaved.

Today was such an awesome day and for that I am grateful. We are looking forward to another family fun day next Monday at Disney World, with Grandma Ruth! Time with my family is so precious to me and I relish each minute I get. There's no better feeling than ending the weekend with such a great day.

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & CeCe

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