Saturday, March 27, 2010

We Just Can't Win...

I feel like the subject of the majority of recent posts pertain to me not feeling well or me being sick. The truth is that I've been sick more often than not recently and it's been really difficult for me.

It all began with bronchitis about a month and a half ago. I was able to battle that pretty quick with the assistance of antibiotics. Then about two weeks ago, I unknowingly had a UTI and I'm fairly certain that it hasn't completely cleared up. I was on antibiotics for a week and I honestly don't think that particular antibiotic did the trick. I discussed the UTI with my OBGYN at my last appointment and he sent my specimen to the lab for more in depth testing. Now, I had to go to the urgent care center this morning because of an infected abscess. The doctor was able to drain the abscess and insert a packing to wick the remaining infection out. It was pretty darn painful, before and during the procedure, especially because the injection of lidocaine didn't numb the area very well. I'm on antibiotics again, so hopefully this will treat the abscess and prevent further infection. With both the UTI and the abscess, I ran a slight fever, but a fever nonetheless.

It's just concerning to me that I've been ill recently because I want to be as healthy as possible for when I go into labor. I'm also concerned at the use of antibiotics this late in my pregnancy. I know the doctors wouldn't prescribe anything that could cause significant damage and these infections could harm the baby if left untreated, but I still worry. I hope I'm not creating any type of immunity to antibiotics for the baby because that could affect her for life. It's especially difficult for the doctors to prescribe the proper antibiotic for the particular infection because I'm allergic to sulfa-based antibiotics and the use of any "cycline" antibiotics this late in pregnancy is not permitted. I've been prescribed a Z-pack, Macrobid and Keflex. I'm hoping the Keflex works and clears up the UTI and the abscess. Here's to hoping...

I've also had issues with swelling of my ankles and feet and slightly elevated blood pressure. My BP typically runs 115/75, but recently it's been 130/90. It's not in the preeclampsia range yet, but the increasing rate is something the doctor wants to monitor. Today at the urgent care center, it was 141/90, but the nurse seemed to think it was due to the extra pain I was experiencing. I'm going to bring today's BP reading to my OBGYN's attention at my next appointment, just so it can be addressed. Anyway... to combat the swelling and BP, I've been on modified bed rest. Over the past 2 days, I think I've spent a total of 5 hours not on the couch or in bed and it's driving me crazy! My patience has paid off because my swelling has been minimal and I'm feeling more rested. It's boring, but I'm trying to enjoy this "me time" as much as possible.

I've also moved up the begin date of my maternity leave to April 2nd. I was going to begin my leave a week before my due date, however with the medical issues I've been experiencing recently, I decided to begin my leave 2 weeks before my due date. My decision has been supported by my family, friends and my supervisor. I needed the reassurance of my supervisor because in my mind, that's who monitors my progress and achievements. She let me know last week that she truly appreciates the hard work I've been putting in and that meant a lot to me. I have been busting my butt to ensure my caseload is in good order before I leave. With the reassurance of my supervisor and coworkers, I now believe that my hard work has been noticed and will be appreciated. Now... only 4 more days of work!

Sadly, this is all that has been going on with us. I've been kind of a bum recently because I haven't been feeling well. But I'd rather be a bum than push myself too far now and pay for it later. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks... as we approach the home stretch of pregnancy. All my medical issues appear to be pretty minor in the scheme of things, but still a major concern, as I am 37 weeks pregnant. Three more weeks, three more weeks, three more weeks!

Love always,
Ian & Kim

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