Friday, May 20, 2011

"But you have to follow through..."

Recently I've been making an effort to follow through 110% with every aspect of my life. If I've made plans with a friend, then I put forth effort to follow through with those plans. If Bella wants me to read her the same book, over and over again, I read her the same book until she is satisfied. If I do a load of laundry, then I make sure the laundry is put away by the end of the day. Following through brings me closure, which makes me happy. Shouldn't that make everyone else happy? Maybe not...

Every now and then I have a friend (or family member) that doesn't have the same mentality as me and I need to learn tolerance. Sometimes Ian says he will do something, but he doesn't complete the task right away or doesn't complete the task to my liking (I'm bad, I know). I often overreact and lash out at him (I'm a Lasher, right?). In his mind, he followed through with the task he was given and the task has been completed. But in my crazy mind, he didn't follow through... which is just plain wrong. I should be satisfied that he vacuumed, even if he did miss a few spots. Rather than complaining, I should simply come behind him and finish the task, to my satisfaction. The initial vacuuming made my overall job easier, right? Absolutely! 

What I'm trying to convey is that while we all must follow through, the degree to which we all follow through may vary. Rather than being disappointed that something didn't go my way, I should be elated at  every ounce of effort the person put forth.

Speaking of following through... I REALLY need to catch up on this blog! So much has been happening and there is so much to share. I promise to update my blog, in the near future. I won't set unrealistic expectations for myself, but I will put forth as much effort to updating our blog as possible. 

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

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