Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I went to read a friend's blog today, only she hasn't updated her blog since early April. I wrote her a note on Facebook and asked what's going on with the 'ole blog and realized that I'm such a hypocrite. I've seriously neglected my blog for over a month! So much has happened and I have so much to write about, but alas, so much to write and so little time to do so. 

Here is a little bit of what has happened within the last month: 

- Bella turned 1-year-old and we celebrated with family and friends.
- Bella's Pop came to visit for 2 weeks.
- Bella's Didi came to visit for a long weekend.
- We booked a trip to Baltimore for my cousin's pending nuptials.
- We planned a trip to Disney World for a long weekend (yet another trip to visit the mouse). 
- Bella development and health update.

When Bella goes down for her nap this afternoon, I have every intention of playing catch up... should make for some fun reads later on this evening, umm, I mean in the near future. I have major catching up to do people! 

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

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