Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Back to Baltimore

After spending a fun morning with Bella at a music and play class, I boarded a plane, by myself, to Baltimore. My little munchkin was extra adorable this morning so it was hard to leave her. We exchanged hugs and kisses and said our goodbyes. I made sure I got some extra kisses on that pretty little face of hers. Apparently she cried when I walked away from the car and into the airport. Awe, she really does love me!

I didn't bring Bella with me because I wasn't sure of how things would be scheduled. Apparently my instincts were right, because the viewings are from 2-4pm and 7-9pm on Thursday and the services are at 2pm on Friday. Bella would have been left with my mom because the afternoon is prime napping time and the evening is prime bedtime. My poor little munchkin is flexible but several days of being off schedule would have made for one cranky child. And (in my opinion) a funeral is no place for such a young child.

After a very uneventful flight, in which I was able to listen to music and read, we touched down in Baltimore. I arrived around 4:30 and was greeted by my dad. It was really good to see him and we made quick work of getting caught up. We headed home and went out to dinner.

I spoke with Ian and Grandma Ruth to get the full Bella report. Bella and Grandma played all afternoon and had a great time. They're going to Busch Gardens tomorrow, which Bella will love! It's so nice to have family ready, willing and able to take care of your child in your absence. Ian is busy at work this week, so he really needed Grandma Ruth to step up. And as usual, she did! Thank you Grandma Ruth!

It's late and I'd better hit the hay. I've got a good book to curl up with (err, more like my iPad). It's about 40-degrees, the heat is on and that makes for one sleepy lady... Good night!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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