Sunday, December 18, 2011


As mentioned in a previous post (or two) Doxapalooza 2009 and Doxapalooza 2011, we have been avid supporters of a Dachshund rescue group called D.A.R.E. or Dachshund Adoption Rescue and Education. It's a group of Dachshund lovers who devote their spare time to rescuing, fostering, adopting out and educating people on the Dachshund breed. We adopted Riley through D.A.R.E. over 4 years ago and have been supporting the group ever since. 

I was reading the paper today and came across the COOLEST article: Kansas City Dachshund! Basically, a stray Dachshund turned up at Hillsborough County Animal Services and with the help of D.A.R.E. will returned to her family in Kansas City, Missouri on Monday. This story hits close to home and who doesn't love a story with a happy ending?!?

Kaiser and Riley are both micro-chipped, however I'm not quite certain that we have ever updated the contact information associated with the micro-chip. This story serves as a reminder as to how important it is to keep that information up to date and you can be rest assured that I will be looking in to updating their information today. You never know when a service worker is going to leave a gate open or when the dogs are going to dig their way to China just to get out of the backyard.

Being that it is the season of giving, be sure to consider giving to D.A.R.E. so that the kind folks can continue to do what they do best: adopting, rescuing and educating people on Dachshunds! And for the record, while their main focus are Dachshunds, they often help foster and adopt out other breeds. If all you do is read the article, then that's cool, too. Way to go D.A.R.E.!!! 
Kaiser and Riley 
Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2... and Kaiser & Riley, too!

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