Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cookies, cookies and more cookies!

Today started early and I am exhausted. I had a to-do list a mile long and I accomplished every task on my list. I love productive days! 

I spent the morning participating in a market research study downtown. I was instructed to arrive early, as a $15 incentive was being given out to those who showed up early. I made it a point to have the babysitter arrive super early to our house. She is as punctual as I am and she arrived by 7:30am. I was out the door by 7:50am and arrived to my destination by 8:30am. I was the second person to arrive and so I qualified for the $15 incentive... woo-hoo! In less than two hours, I made $140 for simply giving my opinion about a product. 

I ran a few errands in preparation for our play date on Thursday. I went to Whole Foods to pick up a some tasty treats for our friends, including the most beautiful looking kiwis and strawberries I have ever seen. I picked up a few other things, but those will remain a surprise until Thursday. I also stopped by Publix for a few ingredients for my cookie recipe. We're having our annual cookie swap at our play date and I am making homemade peanut butter cookies. It's such a simple recipe and I love passing on quick and easy recipes to my friends. I did add an extra ingredient or two, but those will also remain a surprise until Thursday. 

When I returned home from my errands, Bella was down for her afternoon nap. I walked the babysitter out and started baking... and baking... and baking. I ended up baking 6 dozen cookies because I wasn't happy with my first two batches of cookies. The first two batches are delicious, but they just don't look pretty. Part of cooking/baking is presentation and I definitely failed on my first two batches. Oh well, I had more than enough ingredients and time to bake another 2 dozen cookies and so I did. And just a side note, my house smells absolutely wonderful!!! There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked cookies to make a house feel like a home!

Once Bella woke up from her nap, we took a walk around the neighborhood. The weather was cool and it just seemed like good wagon walking weather. Bella LOVES taking walks in her wagon and I could use the exercise. We then headed home to get ready to go out for dinner. Mexican sounded good, so we headed to a local restaurant for some yummy Mexican food. After dinner, we ran a few errands and then headed home for bath, book and bed time. I am now catching up on a few DVR'ed shows and relaxing with a glass of... water. Oh how I miss wine, but water will have to do until April. 

I am so thankful that I was able to get so much accomplished today. I am very grateful that my body was able to keep up with my mind. It makes my less than productive Sunday feel like a distant memory. I am grateful for all of the sweet moments I shared with Bella today. While she may have had a meltdown or two, the moment she patted my belly and said, "baby... tummy" made those meltdowns melt away. I am also thankful for a sweet friend who reminded me that we need to be grateful, even when it isn't always easy... thank you, Ursula! 

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

P.S. The babysitter sent me an adorable picture of Bella wearing her shoes today. I just thought I'd share the cuteness with everyone... enjoy! And might I just add, this little girl LOVES shoes!!! 

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