Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm not superwoman

After thinking that this recovery has been a breeze, for almost two weeks, I was quickly reminded yesterday that I am not invincible. I began picking up my 30-pound toddler on Monday and I am now paying the price. I won't get into details, but let me just say that I am glad I have a follow up appointment with the OB this afternoon. It's just a minor set back, or so I hope.

I now see why the OB suggests no heavy lifting, even if I didn't have a c-section. My body needs time to rest and heal. Being pregnant for 38-weeks and giving birth is hard on the body. I suppose I had forgotten this due to the fact that I was feeling fantastic. Needless to say, for the next week or two, I will be taking it easy.

I keep thinking that I cannot wait to get back to the gym, but I know that I should probably wait a bit longer. Luckily, breast feeding is great for weight loss so I will continue to take advantage of that "work out" until I am cleared by the OB. Plus, CeCe isn't old enough for the child care center so I can't go to the gym when I'm at home with both girls. Taking walks with the family, eating healthy and providing nourishment for CeCe will have to suffice for my weight loss goals, at least for now.

But right now, both girls are sleeping and I'd be a fool not to join them. Sleep when the baby sleeps or babies sleep... that advice never gets old. I'm definitely not superwoman!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Cecilia

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