Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

We celebrated Father's Day the same way we celebrated Mother's Day, a laid back day with family. It was the perfect way to celebrate Ian (as a dad) and just how much he does for our family.

The girls and I made Ian a collage to hang in his office. I used a recent picture of just the girl and a poem I found on the Internet. With a little matting, I made a handsome framed gift for Ian to hang in his office. He loves showing off the girls, so this gift is perfect for him. We gave him a few cards and Bella actually wished him a happy father's day on several occasions. She said, "Happy Father's Day, daddy" to him at random moments throughout the day. It was really cute.

Grandma Ruth took Ian out for a kid-free breakfast and a little shopping. And Ian, being the good father that he is, came home with gifts for the girls, rather than himself. Dee-Dee GaGa and I took him to one of his favorite restaurants for a kid-free lunch at Boizao Brazilian Steakhouse. The afternoon included lots of swimming in the pool and naps. It was a such a laid back and relaxing day... the perfect way to celebrate the man who ensures our every need (and wants) are met.

Ian is a devoted father. Other than his career and maybe Gator sports, I've never seen him so dedicated to something. He often gets up with the kids, he feeds the kids, he plays with the kids and a myriad of other duties. I have a lot of friends who say their husbands don't help out with the kids and I sit back and giggle to myself because Ian helps out with the kids each and every day. Ian is the love of Bella's life... she is so attached to him, and wants to be around him all the time. Ian gladly obliges and spends what few hours he actually has at home every day with Bella. They play together, they rough house and they cuddle together. It's amazing what a strong bond those two have. I know Cecilia is just as in love with her daddy as her big sister is.

We love him more than he will ever know and we remind him of that every day, not just today.

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Cecilia

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