Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Hate Crocs

**Disclosure - This is strictly my opinion and if you don't agree (probably because you wear Crocs), I would suggest that you don't read this post. Thank you & have a nice day!** 

When Crocs were introduced many, many years ago, I hated them... plain and simple. They looked like orthopedic shoes and were not fashionable in the least. Fortunately for me, only a minimal amount of my family and friends were Croc fans, but I saw the damn shoes every where!

Clogs made out of foam? Umm, not really my style. Now I know they've introduced other "styles" of Crocs though out the years, but they're still the same, ugly shoe. Not even the Mary Jane style could convince me to buy a pair, let alone try a pair on. I can honestly say that I've never worn a pair of Crocs... and I have no desire to ever do so. And the price they charge for a pair of these ugly shoes? You have got to be kidding me! I'm not going to pay $25 for a pair of the world's ugliest shoes. These shoes seriously belong in an aisle at the dollar store... or better yet, in a land fill.

When I see poor, innocent children wearing Crocs, I feel sorry for them. Not only do I think they look awful on adults, but those big, chunky clogs look absolutely ridiculous on the tiny feet of children! Personally, I think they're probably hazardous to a newly walking child. I can't really imagine my child walking around in a pair of foam clogs and not falling. This walking business is difficult enough, why add an ugly and hazardous shoe to the equation?

I also feel bad when I see grown men wearing Crocs. Did your wife pick out your shoes? Because no straight man, in their right mind should ever choose to wear Crocs. It's especially bad when the Crocs are themed or have those stupid charms on them. Just because you have your Crocs with your NFL team's colors, does not make them any cooler. In fact, you should probably hand over your man-card because 'reppin your team by way of Crocs is just lame. 

I'm definitely a flip flop girl, but not just any flip flops. I've never been a fan of flip flops from Old Navy or Target, because I think those just look and feel cheap. Give me a pair of Reef flip flops and I'm a happy camper. But, I will rock a pair of heels when the occasion arises. As for my husband, I prefer him in flip flops, athletic shoes or dress shoes... but I honestly don't have a preference in what shoes he wears. And as for my daughter, I prefer her in Stride Rites. 

And for the record, I am not alone in my hatred of Crocs. There are websites dedicated to the abomination of these shoes. It feels good to be in good company. Check out this humorous blog: I Hate Crocs. I had a few chuckles and loved the fact that the blog was mentioned on Fox News. I guess Republicans hate Crocs, too?!? Obama probably wears Crocs... eww!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my rant about my hatred of Crocs. I feel like a new woman now that I've come clean about my disdain for these shoes. I'll slip on a pair of comfy flip flops and head on my merry way.

Love always,

(Ian and Bella had no part in this posting... I just hope they share my hatred of Crocs, too.)

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