Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Keeping Busy

It's shaping up to be quite a busy week around here. I think we have plans every day this week and I'm okay with that. When Bella is kept busy alleviates much of the whining she does at home and it wears her out which means better (and longer naps). Keeping busy helps the week go by quickly, which isn't such a bad thing this week.

Yesterday I split the babysitter with my friend Sara and I spent the morning doing laundry and running errands. I also went into a cute, local shop called Gumballs & Overalls and browsed without feeling rushed by Bella. I ended up buying her an adorable pillowcase dress and cloth diapers. I know you're dying to know if we're going cloth and I am happy to report that we are not. I am simply gearing up for potty training and decided to try cloth diapers. I've read that children who are used to disposable diapers respond well to potty training in cloth diapers because they can actually feel the wetness. Bella doesn't like being in a dirty disposable diaper so she sure as heck isn't going to like being in a dirty cloth diaper... or so I think. She has been communicating with us after she has gone potty in her diaper, so we just need her to communicate with us before she goes potty in her diaper. I'm taking a very laid back approach and have a "goal" of having her potty trained by the time she is two-years-old. We shall see...

Today we went with our friends Stephanie and Connor to the zoo. We haven't been to the zoo in awhile and with the kids being back in school, we figured it would be less crowded. And we were right! The zoo was practically empty and it was great! The kids saw their favorite animals, rode on merry-go-round and train and played in the water. It was a fun afternoon and the kids (and moms) were exhausted by the time we left. Hopefully this means a good afternoon nap for Bella... and Connor, too!

The rest of our week is filled with play dates and outings with Grandma Ruth. I'm going to need all the rest I can get to maintain this busy schedule. Speaking of which, I'm going to take advantage of Bella's nap and catch a few winks myself.

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

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