Friday, May 4, 2012

Play date Thursdays

The girls and I are back into our normal routine... well sort of. We attended our second play date since CeCe was born, even though it took us almost an hour to get out the door.

I packed the diaper bag this morning while CeCe was still asleep and while Bella was eating breakfast. I try to take advantage of this "free time" and accomplish little chores here and there. I made sure the diaper bag was properly equipped and even found 15-minutes to pump while CeCe snoozed. I try to plan our schedule around when CeCe would eat to ensure I won't have to pull over on the side of the road to nurse her. Today my plan worked like a charm, as she nursed right before we left and about an hour into the play date. I also packed a few bottles in case she didn't get enough nursing. So I planned, organized and executed our departure and I am pleased that we were only 30-minutes late to the play date.

Bella had a blast at the play date! My friend Amber, who is 36-weeks pregnant, hosted this week and planned an awesome play date. She had originally planned to host at her community's splash park, but changed the location to her house at the last minute to accommodate the post-partum mommies. She set up her own little splash park in her backyard, complete with a sprinkler, mini pool and water table. The kids enjoyed running around the backyard and the moms enjoyed chatting and catching up.

Since CeCe has been born, we have tried to return to our weekly routine as much as possible. It hasn't been easy but we are getting back to normal, slowly but surely. I'm sure I'll be a pro in no time!

But both kids are napping and this mama is exhausted. It's nap time for mama, too!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Cecilia


  1. Our playdates are on Thursday, too. Although right now it is comprised of us all sitting around drinking coffee and nursing-ha! I plan my days around the nursing schedule, but am amazed that you are out and about soo soon!

  2. I cannot stay home!!! The days that we stay home, we don't do well. Bella needs to be out and about, as do I. I remember the days of immobile children and relaxing play dates... our play dates have gotten a lot busier. =)