Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We survived!

CeCe and I survived our first night alone! Ian and Bella spent the night at Grandma Ruth's as Ian had an early flight to Atlanta this morning and Grandma Ruth wanted to spend some quality time with Bella.

When Ian initially told me he would be out of town, I was anxious. I mean, how was I going to juggle a toddler (whom I'm not supposed to pick up) and a newborn by myself?!? Would Bella have to sleep in bed with me? Would CeCe have a night from hell and wake up every hour? Would I have time to nurse and pump? Would I have time to feed Bella... and myself? Would I survive?!? That's when Grandma Ruth volunteered to take Bella for the night and relieved a bit of my anxiety.

CeCe and I had dinner at Uncle Paul, Aunt Lisa and Daniella's house. As usual, dinner was "bangin'" and it was nice to eat dinner with my other family, while my family was away. After dinner, we headed to Starbucks for a MOMS Club executive board meeting. We hung out with our friends for almost 2-hours and then headed home for bed time. The plan was to nurse CeCe, pump and then head to bed for the night. Everything was going according to plan until CeCe had the diaper blow out of all diaper blow outs. This blow out required a bath for CeCe and a load of laundry for the soiled items.

We went to bed around 10:30pm and CeCe didn't make a peep until almost 3am! Awesome. I fed her and quickly put her back down. She slept until almost 5am and again, I fed her and quickly put her back down. She then slept until almost 7am and we did our same little routine. Rather than going back to bed, like CeCe, I took a shower and prepared for our day.

Our day began with yet another trip to the OB (stupid boob) and a trip to the pharmacy. We then went to lunch with Aunt Lisa and Daniella at the Italian Kitchen and did a little shopping at Buy Buy Baby. Too bad Aunt Lisa has to go back to work next week because it's been fun hanging out with the girls this week. Our afternoon concluded with naps and chores around the house. Oh, and catching up with my friend Sarah in Nashville.

Ian will be late tonight but CeCe and I will be in bed. I hope tonight goes as smoothly as it did last night! But Bella is at Grandma Ruth's until tomorrow morning so maybe I can catch a few extra winks of sleep tomorrow morning. We survived and we can do this! Next time, it'll be both girls and me, so perhaps I won't be nearly as anxious... I can hope, right?!?

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Cecilia

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