Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Boo-boo's for Boo-Boo Bella

Today I received a call from an unfamiliar number, knowing that Bella was at school, I immediately assumed it might have been her school calling me. I "googled" the number and sure enough, it was Bella's school. Fortunately I was sitting in the parking lot of her school, waiting for the clock to strike noon, but I headed inside early.

I went inside Bella's classroom and the kids were all sitting down, eating their lunch. Bella was happy to see me and didn't appear to be the least bit upset. Mrs. Finley, Bella's teacher, informed me that Bella had fallen earlier in the day and bit her tongue in the process. There was a lot of blood, but Bella had been cleaned up pretty well and there was only minimal traces of her accident on her dress. Bella then told me, "I hurt my mouth... I cried." Aww, my poor baby! It really broke my heart to hear this. It could have been a lot worse and I'm glad the teacher was comfortable enough to discuss the incident with me, rather than me receiving an incident report from the administration. I did receive an incident report, but I feel so much better hearing it straight from the source.

Kids are kids and will always get bumps and bruises. I hate it when my kids get hurt. I wish I could switch places with them and take their pain into my own body. Obviously this is impossible, but I can trust that my kids will be comforted by those around them. I think I'll take my little Boo-Boo Bella out for some frozen yogurt after dinner to help numb that sore tongue.

It's going to be difficult switching schools this fall, but it must be done. We've already paid the registration fee, a month's tuition, supply fee and other odds and ends. It makes sense financially for us to send her to the new preschool (one week's tuition at her current school is the price of the ENTIRE month at her new school). While I love the school she attends now, it can wait. Our plans are to enroll her in her current school again next summer, fall and then again for VPK (in two years). Her new school will be wonderful (everyone we know - 5-6 people - who have sent their children there rave about it) and we are looking forward to having a more open schedule during the week. Plus, she can have lunch bunch with a few of her older pals, who will be in VPK this fall.

Anyway... I should have been napping this afternoon, but I felt the need to get some stuff accomplished while the kids are sleeping. The babysitter was here this morning so I was able to run a few errands AND get a massage and pedicure. Both were much needed and well deserved... it was amazing! We'll be heading to the gym this afternoon for my daily workout. Woo-hoo! Ian was already at the gym early this morning, while the girls and I slept. I'll work out, the girls will play in the child care center and then we'll head home for dinner with daddy. Happy Hump Day, y'all!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Cecilia


  1. I'm glad she Was okay and wasn't seriously hurt.

  2. Aww, thank you! We were relieved she wasn't seriously hurt either. These toddlers think they're invincible, but oddly enough, they are not.