Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just a follow up...

Today I wrote about how much I admired a dear friend of mine. Well someone must have been listening because I had to channel my inner Ursula. After school today, Bella had tantrum after tantrum. The poor girl couldn't recover, even with her beloved daddy being home. So I gave her the option: watch your movie quietly or go to bed. When she continued to carry on, I calmly told her "you're done and you're going to bed." I then let her give Ian a kiss and proceeded with our bedtime routine.

Every moment leading up to putting that sweet (but head strong) toddler in bed, I questioned myself. Was I doing the right thing? Was sending Bella to bed without dinner and her favorite movie in her best interest? Was I permanently corrupting her? The answers to my questions were "yes", "yes" and "no." Bella eventually recovered during her bed time routine and she brushed her teeth like a champ and went to bed without a peep. I cherished every moment of this bed time routine... she was engaged, she was obedient and she was willing.

I told Bella I loved her to which she replied, "I love you too, mommy." And when I asked her if we could do better tomorrow, she said, "Yes mommy, I do better." What sweet little words from such a little person. Hearing that she loved me and that we could try again tomorrow meant the world to me. I love her and I want to do better tomorrow!

I made mistakes today and so did Bella. Tomorrow is a new day and we get another day to get it right. This parenting thing is trial and error. We do what we can and we strive to do better. Such is parenting and such is life!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Cecilia

P.S. Thank you Ursula...

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