Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weight Watchers Update - Week 5

So here's my weigh-in for week 5: 129.6 pounds!!! I can now fit in a size 4!!! A size I haven't worn in almost 4 years!!!

I'm down a total 10.4 pounds and I'm less than 5-pounds away from my goal weight! All this hard work at the gym and eating right have really paid off. I just hope I can keep up the hard work and achieve my goal weight.

I have found that holding myself accountable for my activity and my eating is a positive thing for me. Logging in my daily activity and food holds me responsible for what I'm doing. And blogging about it helps to hold me accountable, too.

Well, I'd better get off the computer and move around a bit... I skipped the gym today after an intense workout yesterday.

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Cecilia


  1. Great job Kim!!!! Congrats, you're so close :)

  2. PS, are we friends on there? add me! rigatormom

  3. LOL! Thanks Joanna. I'll definitely add you, once I figure out how to do that!!!

  4. Wait, are you talking about the myfitness app?!?