Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bella is 11-Months-Old TODAY!!!

Today marked our last month of infancy for Bella. In only one month's time, Bella will be a toddler and we will be counting down the days until her 2nd birthday. I'm going to take my time and relish this last month of infancy. 

Bella didn't have an 11-month wellness appointment, but she made quite a few trips to the pediatrician within the last month for various illnesses. Here are her 11-month stats:

Height: About 30 inches

Weight: About 25 pounds

Clothing Size: Bella is wearing some 9-month clothes, but mostly wears 12-month clothes. She does have some 18-24-month clothes (silly Gymboree). Her closet and drawers were recently organized and we have stored all her newborn-6-month clothes (tear). 

Sleeping Pattern: Bella is still sleeping through the night and averages about 10 hours of sleep per night. She also takes a morning and an afternoon nap and averages about 1.5-2 hours for each nap. Some times she spoils me and sleeps for 3+ hours! =)

Eating Pattern: Bella has really cut back on the amount of formula she drinks each day. We have also decided to give her a sippy cup or two with formula each day, in an attempt to gently transition her from a bottle to strictly a sippy cup. She recently decided that pureed baby food is lame and likes to self feed. We have been trying to feed her a balanced diet, in hopes of establishing a good foundation for her future eating habits.

Milestones: Bella still has 5 teeth (3 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth) and is working on tooth #6. This sixth tooth has been a royal pain. It's popped through and retracted... it's popped through and retracted. Hopefully it will make a final descent once and for all within the next week. Bella is a professional Army crawler and she has become quite fast. She has recently started sitting up on her own and has perfected this. Her new favorite thing to do is crawl to the sliding glass door, sit up and bang on the glass and yell at the dogs when they are outside. She is also talking more, which we really enjoy.

Friends: Bella has been sick with pink eye and an upper respiratory infection, so she hasn't seen much of her friends recently. We have met some new friends from the A-T-L.

Current Events: Another St. Petersburg Police Department officer was killed in the line of duty. He was shot and killed by a 16-year-old kid... 16!!! Governor Rick Scott turned down funding from the federal government for the high speed rail project (smart move). 

Bella has made great strides with her helmet! When she first had a head scan, the asymmetry of her head was 15.7mm. She had a scan two weeks ago and the asymmetry was only 9.5mm! This is a great improvement and is very good news! Hopefully she'll only have another month or two in the helmet. 

Well, that's all from Casa de Lasher. The countdown until Bella's 1st Birthday is underway... in t-minus 1 month!

Happy 11-Month Birthday, Isabella Eve!

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

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