Friday, March 18, 2011


After our night out last night, I feel BLAH! I only had a few glasses of wine and a pint of green beer, but I am paying for it today. I wouldn't say I was hungover, but I suppose I was just dehydrated and sleep deprived. After some non-alcoholic fluids and a nap, I was good as new. Thank goodness! 

We took Bella to Busch Gardens, and joined 1 million of our closest friends. Apparently Hillsborough County Schools had the day off and so everyone and their mother were at Busch Gardens today. Fear not, we found prime parking (not preferred, but prime) and ventured into the park for the afternoon. We patiently waited for snack time with the elephants, which Bella thoroughly enjoyed, as did I. Elephants are my favorite animal and I may or may not be pushing this love onto Bella. Despite the crowds and heat, we managed to stay hydrated and had a lot of fun.

After Busch Gardens, we joined our friends, the McGills, at a new Mexican restaurant near our neighborhood. The restaurant is called Luna's and it's super close to our house. I've heard good things about this place and it's been a long time coming, so needless to say, I was eager to try it. We ordered the steak, chicken and shrimp fajitas and I was honestly disappointed. Compared to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Sabor a Mexico, it couldn't compare. The atmosphere of Sabor a Mexico is much more authentic and the food is tastier. Not to mention the prices at Sabor a Mexico are unbelievable. I think we may return to Luna's due to its close proximity to our house, but will always prefer Sabor a Mexico. The company was fantastic at dinner and the kids entertained each other while the adults, sans me, indulged in gigantic margaritas. 

Bella didn't an afternoon nap so we returned home to put her to bed early. I will be following suit and dragging myself to bed. Today was a wonderful day and we truly enjoyed an extra family day. Nighty night y'all! 

Love always, 
Ian, Kim & Bella

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