Saturday, August 27, 2011

1 Birthday + 1 Wedding + 1 Hurricane = Happy Birthday to me!

Rumor has it that it's my birthday today... and what better way to celebrate my birthday then with a hurricane and a wedding! Yes, it's true, Hurricane Irene is supposed to hit the Mid-Atlantic today and we're heading north to Pennsylvania to escape the wind and rain for a wedding. 

Yup, it's my birthday, whoop-dee-doo! Another year older and wiser, isn't that what people say? Gee, how exciting. I wouldn't mind gaining wisdom without having to turn a year older, but I guess I don't have a choice, do I? Birthdays used to feel different. I remember the excitement and anticipation of my birthday, but ever since I turned 21, the excitement and anticipation have pretty much subsided. It's not that my family and friends don't make me feel special on my birthday, because they certainly do, it's just that I really don't get excited about aging. Oh well, at least I'm not 30 yet... I have two more years until the dirty 30! 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention... my loving and caring husband gave me a home-made card, complete with pictures of our family. It was so cute and it's the best birthday card I've ever received. The card also came with the promise of the new iPhone 5, woo-hoo!

My friend and old college roommate, Heidi, is tying the knot with her beloved, Noah. I met Heidi my sophomore year of college, when she was just a freshman. We had several mutual friends, through the ice hockey team and her boyfriend (at the time) was roommates with a friend of mine. We had many mutual friends, including Britta, so we ended up becoming good friends. Heidi, Britta and I lived together my senior year in a pretty sweet house and we had an amazing year of fun. We've remained friends since college and while we may not see each other all that often, we often send emails and Facebook messages to stay in touch. I haven't seen Heidi in about three years and I can't wait to celebrate her wedding day with her today! 

Hurricane Irene is on her way today. We're preparing for lots of rain and the possibility of heavy winds. Fortunately for us, we'll be a bit more land-locked in PA so hopefully we'll avoid the brunt of the storm. My dad's house is about 60-years-old, is made out of brick and has weathered many storms. Hopefully the sump pump does it's job and the basement stays somewhat dry, but I don't foresee coming back to a damaged house or anything. 

I'd better finish packing for our trip today and preparing the house for the storm. Stay safe and stay dry! 

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

P.S. It just started pouring... and so begins Hurricane Irene in Baltimore.

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