Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Recently, Bella has been more communicative than ever. She is really getting the hang of using her words and identifying things. I wrote an entire post about her vocabulary, but the list isn't doing her vocabulary justice. She has begun to excel and it is amazing to communicate with her each and every day.

Last week, she stood at the sliding glass door and yelled, "Kaisee" and wasn't satisfied until our dog, Kaiser, came to the sliding glass door. She has learned that the dogs will come if she calls them, especially if she says, "Kaisee... treat!" I'm pretty sure the dogs are enjoying her use of the word treat on a regular basis, but wish she would forget their names. She likes to call for them when they are asleep but are usually good sports and go to her. She hasn't mastered Riley's name yet, but Kaiser is more of her buddy than Riley. 

During a weekend stay at Grandma Ruth's, Bella came home with a new phrase... "Oy vey!" Yes, my little quarter Jew is now walking around saying, "Oy vey!" It's actually pretty darn cute and she actually uses it appropriately. Only a Jewish grandmother would teach their shiksa such a phrase. I guess she's gotta learn the Yiddish phrases from some one!

We're working on the polite words. She has mastered "please" but is still working on saying "thank you" and "you're welcome." She understands that she needs to say "please" in order to request something from someone, but doesn't quite understand that she needs to thank the person once she gets what she wants/needs. Yes, I know she's only 18-months-old but manners and politeness are so very important to us. People don't say use polite words nearly enough and I hope to instill these little things into our children. And yes, I make it a point to use polite words regularly so that I can set a good example for Bella. Hopefully one day she will truly understand the importance of politeness and will have good manners... a mother can have hope, right?

Well, that's all from our little piece of the world tonight. I can't wait to post more cute Bella-isms in the future and there will be more... trust me, because that child can talk! 

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2


  1. Awww, Baby#2 has made his or her appearance in your closing! I'm excited about that this morning! We are working on polite words all the time at our house too and I agree with you, its so important to have polite children. :)

  2. Hehe! Glad I could make your day. I hope all the politeness training pays off... there's nothing worse than rude people who aren't polite! =)