Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Play Date

Bella and I have been participating in a weekly play group with a small group of friends. We have 10 (well, I guess now 11 with the birth of little Tanner on Monday) kids and 10 moms. Most of the time we have about 8, due to two moms returning to work. t's a small enough group that we've gotten really close over the past year. Bella knows her little friends and she enjoys playing with them. I enjoy chatting with the moms and having adult conversations... even if it's intermixed with conversations with toddlers. We meet each Thursday, around the same time and we rotate the hosting responsibilities. If no one is in the mood to host, we sometimes even meet at the zoo or aquarium. I like knowing that one day a week we meet with our friends and play for a few hours. 

This week was our turn to host and so I hosted a Halloween themed play date. I made treat bags for each of the kids and personalized a mini-pumpkin for each kid. The kids even dressed up in their Halloween costumes, which was super cute. We managed to take a few pictures, which is a rarity for a group of 18-month-olds.

Bella, Logan, Gia, Layla, Luke, Connor and Lily.

Uh oh, and the melt downs begin...

My little lady bug.
Last year Bella dressed up as a bumble bee and this year we decided to stick with the bug theme and Bella dressed up as a lady bug. She refers to herself as "Buggy" when in costume and actually enjoyed wearing the dress, tights and shoes. She did not enjoy wearing the antennae, but I cannot blame her. I tried to take her out of her costume several times and she refused. By the way... how cute is she?!? 

It was a fun play date (as usual) and it wore my little lady bug out, as she took a marathon 4-hour nap! I also napped, but only took a little power nap for an hour. I really do think I enjoy nap time more so than Bella. What am I going to do in April, with two on two different schedules?!? I better rest up now because come April, I am going to be one tired mama...  but the sleep deprivation is definitely worth it though!

Love always, 
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

P.S. Our play group is growing, slowly but surely. My friend Sarah H. gave birth to a daughter, Tanner Lillian, on Monday. I am expecting, as are 3 (yes, 3!) other moms in the group. I'm due first, with another due a week after me, another due 2-weeks after me and another due a month after me! It's crazy to think that our group of 10 has recently grown to 11 and in another 7-months will grow to 15 little ones!