Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is finally fun again! Having a child who can participate in all of the festivities is so much fun. We actually went trick-or-treating this year, which is something neither of us have done in many, many years. Last year, we dressed up Bella as a bumble bee and visited with a few neighbors but we didn't go trick-or-treating. When we were finished visiting our neighbors, we sat in our driveway with Bella and handed out candy. It was a perfect 1st Halloween for Bella

We dressed Bella in her lady bug costume (a.k.a "buggy") and went to Beef O' Brady's for dinner. The restaurant was running a special in that kids in costume ate for free. You can't beat a free meal for your child! We even tried a new location and ended up loving it, which is awesome because this location is much closer to our house. Bella had a blast and enjoyed the attention she received from the waitresses and other customers. And a funny little story, when given the choice between fruit and broccoli, Bella chose broccoli! I love my healthy girl!

After dinner, we headed back home to meet up with some friends of ours. We took pictures and handed out glow sticks, so we'd easily be able to see our kids when it got dark. Those glow sticks came in handy because we were separated from our friends a few times and the glow sticks made it so easy to find them! We live in a pretty large subdivision, but only went around our block. We even hit up the really cool neighbors who have a pop corn machine and a really spooking looking house. Despite not trick-or-treating at all 200 houses in our subdivision and Bella not taking all the candy that was offered, Bella had quite a bag of candy by the time we were finished. And being the mean mother that I am, Bella's candy has been confiscated and will be taken to work by Ian. I guess I'm not that mean of a mother, because I let Bella have a lollipop. 

After trick-or-treating, loaded up the car and headed to Grandma Ruth's house. She offered to keep Bella for a few days, so we could get some things accomplished around the house (i.e. organizing and clearing out the bedroom that will be the new nursery). I know it doesn't sound much like a vacation, but it needs to be done and it needs to be done before my dad arrives in 3 weeks. We have an ultrasound scheduled and we should know the gender by then, so my dad will be helping us paint the room! There is such much to be excited and thankful about in November... our big gender reveal, Pop arriving for a 10-day visit and Thanksgiving!

Enjoying dinner before trick-or-treating.

Lady Bug Bella and her friend Reese as Minnie Mouse.

Love this girl!

Bella and her daddy, making their way around the neighborhood.

Bella carried her candy bag the entire time.
It was a great Halloween to say the least. The weather was fabulous, the company was good and the smile on that little lady bug's face all evening long was priceless! Can't wait until next Halloween, when we will have two little ones to take trick-or-treating! Happy Halloween, y'all!

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