Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The NEW iPhone 4S

I am a technology junkie. I love having the latest and greatest new gadgets and especially love things that make my life easier. One of the things that has made my life easier is my iPhone. I've had an iPhone for over two years and I can't imagine life without it. It's manages everything, my calendar, email, text messages, phone calls, music, social networks and pictures. I carry one device and it does everything. I love that.

After a much anticipated wait, I waited patiently for the new iPhone to be introduced. The iPhone 4S was introduced the day before Apple founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, passed away. It was truly bittersweet, especially for an Apple fanatic, like me. So, after waiting... waiting... and waiting some more, I finally have an iPhone 4S in my hands!

I went to my local Apple Store because that's the only way to purchase any Apple product. The authorized retailers (i.e. Best Buy or AT&T) just don't have the customer service that Apple offers. Apple will set up your new iPhone (or whatever you purchased) and answer any questions you have. The staff is very knowledgable and you can't find that kind of service at just any store. I was not alone in my quest for the new iPhone and so I waited for a bit. While I waited, I played with the new iPhone and even made my final decision as to which iPhone to get. I decided to get the iPhone 32GB in white. I upgraded from my old 16GB iPhone and I've never owned a white phone before. So why not?

I'm excited about the upgraded camera (with a flash and HD video), faster processor and the new Siri assistant. The better camera will mean better quality pictures and I will be more likely to take more pictures. The faster processor makes my life easier because there isn't a delay in the loading of applications and other basic functions. And Siri... oh, where do I begin? It's like having a personal assistant in my phone. I can talk and text, I can talk and surf the internet, I can basically talk and the phone will do whatever I need it to do. It's pretty cool. I'm also excited about Facetime, but that's not new to the iPhone 4S, but it's new to me!

I also purchased AppleCare+ which will cover my phone from defects and accidents (only 2 accidents) for two full years. It also gets me free sessions with the Genius Bar, which is basically an in-person help desk. I can make an appointment to learn about my new phone or get assistance with figuring out a new application. The additional accident coverage is a necessity when you have an 18-month-old. Hopefully I won't have to make a claim, but it's nice to know that the phone will be covered if an accident does occur.

So I'd better go sync my contacts, music, pictures and everything else I used to carry on my old iPhone so I can feel more at home with my new iPhone. I also need to order a case from Otterbox to protect my investment. Otterbox makes some great products that really protect your valuable electronics. Until I get my Otterbox case, I bought a temporary case to do the job. Let's hope it holds up for the next week or so!

I know it sounds so silly to be so excited over a damn phone but this is something I rely on every day. This phone will probably take Baby #2's first picture, provide hours of entertainment for my children and keep me connected to my family and friends. Be on the look out for new pictures, courtesy of my new iPhone! If Bella were awake, I'd take her picture and post it, but she's napping. I guess that will just have to wait.

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella and Baby #2


  1. Oh fun! I love new toys, and completely understand your love for the iPhone. When I was reading about the accident protection, I was thinking I've got to tell her about the otterbox, my phone is still perfect because of it. I'm sure you will find it for less than it is in the store. I still have the iPhone 4, and probably will for a bit, but love the instagram app for a quick funky edit of the pics I take. The speaking your texts feature is what's going to get me to upgrade sooner than later. Enjoy your new phone!

  2. LOVE my Otterbox! I've had my iPhone 3gS for 2.5 years and it doesn't have a scratch on it! Can't wait for my new Otterbox to arrive!! I seriously can't imagine life without my iPhone! =)