Friday, October 28, 2011

Making the most of a rainy Friday

It's Friday... woot woot! Bella and I spent the morning with Grandma Ruth at Citrus Park Mall. We had an appointment at a photography studio for a reshoot of Bella's 18-month pictures. Grandma Ruth wasn't satisfied with how the first set turned out, so she demanded a reshoot. Bella was definitely not in the mood for modeling, but still took some pretty cute pictures.

We left Grandma Ruth after lunch and headed back to our side of town. Bella fell asleep on the ride home and so I ran a few errands while she was asleep in the car. I ran to the bank and got gas while she slept and she ended up sleeping for a little over an hour. I was bummed that I knew her normal 3-hour nap would not happen because I was in desperate need of a nap myself.

When we got home, it was still raining so we headed outside to play in the rain. Bella loves playing in the rain so when the weather permits (i.e. no lightning) we try to go outside. I strip her down to nothing but a diaper (which is doable in Florida). She giggles as she jumps in puddles and squeals as rain falls on her. It's adorable. We had a fun, rainy afternoon on our lanai (a patio/verandah/porch for all you non-Floridians) and I even took a few pictures.

A close up of my little cutie.

Sitting in a puddle is such fun!

Examining a puddle.

Getting up after a face plant... my poor girl!
We had a blast and kept ourselves entertained until Ian returned home from work. This weekend marks the beginning of Ian's vacation!!! I am so excited he is finally able to take some time off from work to spend with us. We've missed having daddy around and we're looking forward to some fun day trips as a family. Hopefully Ian doesn't have to work too much (or at all) during his vacation, but unfortunately his job is pretty demanding so I'm sure he'll have to do some work. It's better than no vacation at all! Happy weekend y'all!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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