Saturday, March 3, 2012

An early birthday present for Bella

Isn't this swing set awesome? It's definitely cooler than the swing set I had as a child, although I did have a pretty sweet swing set. This is the swing set we purchased today for Bella and baby #2 from Woodplay of Tampa Bay. We modified the design a little in order for it to fit in our backyard, but we only eliminated the rock wall and have two swings instead of three. These small modifications make this swing the perfect size for our backyard and we can't wait to have it installed.

We have been shopping around for swing sets and after careful consideration, we decided to go with a local company with customized designs. Woodplay of Tampa Bay is located near Citrus Park and they have a really cool set up. There are tons of swing sets to try out and even trampolines to jump on. Bella had a blast playing while Grandma Ruth and I designed and ordered our swing set. I think this is one of those things you get what you pay for... because the costs quickly added up but the swing set comes with delivery, installation and a 10-year warranty. We also purchased two toddler swings so that Bella, baby #2 and their friends could safely swing until they're big enough for the real swings.

The swing set should be ordered, delivered and installed by late April, which is totally fine with me. Usually it takes takes only 2-weeks but the swig set we ordered is a new design so it will take a little longer to order from the manufacturer. This is a birthday present anyway, so Bella will have to practice her patience and wait for it until after her actual birthday.

We can't wait to have our new swing set installed and we especially can't wait to play on it! Bella has been talking about swings and slides ever since we left the place so she is obviously very excited! In the meantime, we will wait patiently for the swing set to arrive. Happy early birthday to Bella!

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