Monday, March 5, 2012

Is it March 15th yet?

Several times a year cause me to be, what I affectionately refer to as a a tax widow. Public accounting is a bear and at times, busy season can be almost unbearable. I essentially lose my husband to endless amounts of tax returns and play second fiddle to his clients. I take all of this in stride because the firm that Ian works for is wonderful and Ian is very much appreciated by the partners he works for and his colleagues. The late nights and weekends suck, but fortunately things will return to a state of normalcy... after March 15th. If he worked for a law firm, the workload would always be like this, so I'm thankful that Ian is both a CPA and an attorney because he can do it all!

While Ian was working on Saturday (it never ends) a friend posted a video on Facebook that circulated last year. I watched the video again and emailed the video to Ian so that he'd get a chuckle. He's obviously already seen the video, but I figured we could both use a little laughter. I will share the video and hopefully some of you tax professionals and tax widows will see the humor in it:

Ian was up late working last night and headed into the office bright and early this morning. He arrived home just in time for dinner, play time with Bella and our bath, book and bed routine. Since I'm not supposed to be picking up Bella, this is a HUGE help and I'm so grateful he's able to help out even though he's swamped. He does it all with a smile... and sometimes a sigh. Ian even takes the time to cuddle and chat with me before I fall asleep at night. These quiet moments mean so much to me because I know how busy he is. After our little pillow talk, he returns to his two laptops and dual screen and works until the wee hours of the night. March 15th cannot come soon enough and I cannot wait for our lives to return to normal... err, well somewhat normal. 

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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  1. He he, my husband is the auditor that the tax accounts hate. Actually his team is awesome and he brings them on cool trips all over the world, so I think they like him-ha. I am an accountant widow, but all year, as he oversees audits in all kinds of crazy places. It's been nice to have him home for two months. Glad baby #2 is arriving after busy season!! Keep taking care of yourself!