Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Full Term

Today marks my 37th week of pregnancy, woo-hoo! I am officially full term and this little girl can arrive any time within the next 3-weeks. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe I will have two darling daughters in less than a month's time... how exciting (and scary)!

I had my weekly OB appointment and it went quite well. The OB who delivered Bella has been treating me for a liver enzyme condition associated with pregnancy and I feel like I've formed a strong bond with her. Not only did she safely deliver Bella, but she took the time to listen to my concerns about the itching. She spent a good 15-minutes counseling Ian and me last week and assured us that she is on top of things. Today was no different and she went over the results of my blood work from last week. She said everything looks good, except for this one particular liver enzyme. Fortunately with the aid of medication, the enzyme level is decreasing and I am getting some relief from all the itching. We discussed the concerns I had regarding possible side effects of the medication and the OB assured me that she wouldn't have prescribed the medication if she didn't feel the benefits outweighed the risks. Knowing how uncomfortable I've been with the itching and the impact this whole thing is having on my liver, the OB suggested I be induced before 40-weeks. She'd prefer that we wait until 39-weeks to induce, but a lot depends on the availability at the hospital. By tomorrow I'll have an induction date!

I have mixed emotions about being induced. With Bella, my water broke and I began contracting on my own. By the time we arrived at the hospital, I was 5cm dilated and contracting regularly. Labor and delivery were fairly easy. Obviously I have expectations on how this labor and delivery will go, but I can only hope this labor and delivery goes just as well.

It's hard to believe that our little girl will be here in less than 3-weeks. We have been anticipating her arrival over these past 37-weeks and it's hard to believe it'll be over soon enough. I can't say that I'll be sad when I'm no longer pregnant, because this pregnancy hasn't always been easy. But I'll be sad that this little girl will no longer rely solely on me for everything. I'll be sharing those duties with her daddy, too. Perhaps I can make this one a mama's girl, since her big sister is such a daddy's girl?!? Or maybe we'll try for #3 in a few years and I'll have a mama's boy... haha! I wouldn't be at all disappointed if we stopped at two or tried for #3 and were blessed with another darling daughter... but let's just see how this one goes before we go making any decisions regarding that matter. Haha!

Feeling blessed and relieved that this pregnancy could end any day now and we'd have a happy and healthy baby girl in our arms.

Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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