Wednesday, March 28, 2012


After speaking with the OB yesterday, we decided that due to this liver enzyme condition, it would be in our best interest to induce before 40-weeks. Like I mentioned yesterday, I have mixed feelings about being induced, but I need to do what is in the best interest of baby #2 and myself. Bella was an early bird and I'm really hoping this little girl is, too. I'd much rather go naturally, than be induced but I really don't have much say in the matter, do I?

The OB scheduled my induction fro Wednesday April 11th at 6:30am. I haven't had my induction briefing yet and I'm not really sure what to expect. I've had friends who have been induced and their stories differ greatly. Some had very successful inductions and some had less than successful inductions (i.e. c-sections). I have an almost 2-year-old and I don't have time for a c-section. The overall goal is to get the baby safely, but I'd really prefer to have another vaginal birth. Fingers crossed, please!

So in exactly two-weeks we will be meeting our baby girl! Wow, I'd love to say that this pregnancy has flown by but it really hasn't. Ever since the sporadic bed rest and the liver issue crept up, this pregnancy has slowly crept along. I'm not wishing away this pregnancy, but I will certainly be glad it's over once my baby girl is in my arms. Again, wow! It hasn't hit me that I will soon be a mother of two little girls. Hopefully the excitement and anticipation of the next two weeks will help the time pass quickly.

I called my mom today and asked her to amend her flight reservations. Her original plans were to arrive a few days before my actual due date, on the 14th. Her new plans have her arriving the day before my induction, on the 10th. Part of me hopes I go into labor (on my own) before the scheduled induction, but part of me also hopes that everything goes according to plan. For Bella's birth, my mom arrived at the hospital 15 minutes before Bella was born. Talk about good timing. I'd really like for her to be present for the birth of baby #2 because, well, I want my mommy with me. Obviously Ian will be in the delivery room, but there's something about having my mom there that makes everything seem okay. Not that Ian can't handle anything that is thrown at him, but knowing what I know about motherhood now, moms provide comfort to their children (yes, even adult children) in a way other people simply cannot.

There is a lot to do before this little one makes her grand debut. The house needs to be deep cleaned from top to bottom... meals need to be prepared and frozen... a hospital bag needs to be packed... and I've got to spend a ton of time with my Isabella Eve. In about a week she will turn 2-years-old and in exactly two-weeks her world is about to be rocked. I want her to feel as special as possible and like she is a part of this. I know it will take some adjustment and a lot of patience, but she will be an amazing big sister once she finally gets to meet her little sister.

Well, I have a lot to do and not a lot of energy to spare, so I'd better get going. I'm sleeping pretty well these days, but I still need to bank as much sleep as possible before we return to those nights of incremental sleep. Oh joy!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2


  1. Please tell me you are going to have someone else deep clean and prep those meals! I was induced with James, we almost had to have a c section, but I opted for forceps after pushing for a few hours. I was in labor for 36 fun filled hours. I know what you mean to want your mom there, Josh was beyond amazing, but I cried for her and to her everyday until she came. Wishing y'all all the best!

  2. We opted for Dinner Done that are pretty much freezer to oven. We should have enough food to last us 3 weeks. And I definitely won't be cleaning, just organizing. When I was pregnant with Bella, we had the floors in our house replaced 3 weeks before my due date. The weekend before I went into labor, I worked tirelessly to get our house back into order. I really think all that work put me into labor... 2 weeks early! =)

    I was only in labor with Bella for 11 hours and it was fairly easy. I didn't push for that long either. This is why I'm so anxious about being induced. I'd really like for everything to go the way it did with Bella's delivery. Wishful thinking, I suppose.

    Aww, thanks! We're excited and can't wait to meet this baby girl! Glad to see you're enjoying motherhood. It's fun and gets better and better!