Sunday, March 11, 2012

Easy like Sunday morning... afternoon... and evening

After an eventful day yesterday, Ian and I took advantage of Bella being at Grandma Ruth's and slept in. I slept in until almost 9am and Ian slept in until almost 8am. Granted, we did spring forward for daylight savings, but the extra sleep was desperately needed. The morning was lazy and laid back... just what we needed.

Ian took care of some yard work this morning (isn't he the best?) and spent nearly 3-hours mowing, edging and trimming the grass, shrubs and trees. He even trimmed two of our palm trees, which is no easy task! While Ian was outside working, I was inside reading the Sunday paper and clipping coupons. I also cleaned out the fridge and made a shopping list for the grocery store. It's been nearly 2-weeks since our last big grocery shopping trip and we were out of a lot of things. I debated on whether or not to hand the list off to Ian or accompany him to the grocery store. After a brief conversation with Ian, we decided to grab lunch and then go grocery shopping together.

We went to the Genghis Grill for lunch and it was fabulous! This restaurant is a Mongolian grill in which you fill a bowl with meat and veggies, fill a little bowl with spices and sauces and hand it off to chefs to cook on a huge grill. The food is super yummy and we love this place. It was the perfect way to begin our grocery shopping expedition. After lunch we headed to the Neighborhood Walmart to do the bulk of our shopping. Since we had a lot to get, I opted to ride the little scooter around while Ian walked with a shopping cart (you can stop laughing now). I think we spent half as much as we do at Publix or Target, so I was really pleased with my decision to try it. I've shopped here before, but never for such a big shop. The best part is that a new Neighborhood Walmart will be opening less than a mile from our house, so this will definitely be part of our shopping routine. There were a few specific items on the list that could only be purchased at Publix, so we headed to Publix next to finish our shopping expedition. By 3pm we were home and our fridge and pantry were full again.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around (me) and working (Ian). We did watch the selection Sunday special to see who would be playing in the NCAA tournament. Two teams I will be rooting for are the Loyola Greyhounds (a Baltimore team) and the USF Bulls!!! Ian continued working and I continued lounging around. All of my laziness paid off because I felt great today. I didn't feel overly exhausted, overheated or lightheaded. Perhaps the doctor is right and I do need to be on bed rest? I have all day tomorrow to continue resting, thanks to Grandma Ruth. We completed the evening with a phone call with Bella. She is sooooooo cute! She said "Hi daddy... hi Kaisey boy... and hi mommy!" She then told us all "bye-bye and goodnight." I miss that adorable little girl and hearing her sweet voice was the highlight of my day!

Well, Ian is still working and I'm still lounging around. Per doctor's orders, it's what I'm supposed to be doing so I should stop feeling guilty. The bed rest isn't for my benefit, it's for baby #2's benefit, I just need to keep that in mind. It's a temporary solution to a temporary problem... in a matter of weeks, it will be a moot point. Just gotta keep my eye on the prize... baby #2!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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