Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On a quest for answers

Unfortunately, the blood work my OB ordered yesterday needed me to fast so I was unable to have my blood work done yesterday. I went for blood work this morning and made the mistake of going to Quest Diagnostics without an appointment. I went before 8am and the place was still crowded with people. When I signed in, I was told the wait would be at least an hour. Oh joy! At least I didn't have Bella with me...

The highlight of my trip to Quest was the crackhead who walked in talking yelling on her cell phone about how she didn't get into an accident in her boyfriend's car. She then demanded to have her blood drawn immediately because she didn't have time to wait. When the receptionist asked if she had an appointment, she replied, "no" and then went on a rant about how precious her time is. HAHAHA! I'm not sure what happened because as she was yelling at the receptionist, I was lucky enough to get called back to have my blood drawn. Thank goodness.

While I was having my blood drawn, there was a woman (I think) who was freaking out about how Quest didn't use butterfly needles on adults. She was either mildly retarded or a huge drama queen... I couldn't quite figure that one out. She claimed that if the phlebotomist didn't use a butterfly needle, she would pass out and die? Seriously?!? Even if she did pass out, chances are she wouldn't die. Again, I'm not certain what happened because before I realized it, my blood was drawn and I quickly exited.

What is it about places like Quest that brings out the crazy in people? Crackheads, drama queens and IV drug users. Such fun. Next time I will be making an appointment for 6:30am, when they open. Crackheads, drama queens and IV drug users aren't usually awake at that time of the day.

So now the waiting game begins. Part of me hopes my levels come back normal but part of me hopes my levels come back abnormal. If my levels are abnormal, then the OB will know what's wrong with me and we can come up with a plan of action. If my levels are normal, then I'll be stuck in limbo and I'll have several more weeks of itchiness. I have a feeling something isn't right and that this isn't allergy related. If it were allergy related, then my body would respond to anti-histimines, but its not. This whole thing is really frustrating... and itchy.

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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