Friday, July 22, 2011

10 things I love about Florida

While I haven't lived in Florida my entire life, I have been a Florida resident for nearly 6 years! Can you believe it?!? It seems like only yesterday I was working for the State of Maryland, planning the next chapter of my life in Florida. I paid tribute to my beloved Maryland yesterday, so today I'll pay a tribute to my new home, Flo-rida! Here is my ten favorite things about Florida (minus all the fun pictures)...

1. Winter - Florida winters are absolutely wonderful! It's 70 degrees and sunny.

2. Siesta Key - The sand is as soft as baby powder. It's beautiful!

3. Disney World - One of my favorite things to do with Bella.

4. My pool - I love having a pool in our backyard, especially when it's open year round!

5. Busch Gardens - It's fun for adults and it's fun for children... Bella loves this place.

6. South Tampa - It's where we started our lives together.

7. Traffic - Rush hour traffic is a joke! 

8. Tropicana Field - Air conditioned baseball games... I am officially spoiled. 

9. St. Pete Beach - It's where we've shared a lot of special moments together. 

10. Sunshine - The year round sunshine is an amazing mood booster!

Although I miss Baltimore like crazy, I can't imagine moving back there any time soon. While it would be neat to be close to my family and childhood friends again, our lives our here. We've made some really great friends, most of Ian's family lives here and, like I mentioned before, during winter it's 70 degrees here. With all of these great things here, why not plan a visit?!? We have plenty of room!

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

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