Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Rays and The Wiggles

Bella attended her second MLB game and her first concert today. About a month ago we heard that The Wiggles were going to play after the Cardinals v. Rays game so we purchased tickets without any hesitation. It was a great day because the Rays won and The Wiggles put on a great concert! Here are some pictures from our great day at Tropicana Field!

The view from our seats.
Bella meets Raymond, the Rays' mascot.
Bella and me.
Patiently waiting...
Dancing with The Wiggles!
Ian and Bella taking in the new view.
We actually were able to get onto the field!
All three of us on the field.
Mom and daughter on the field.
The Wiggles!
Bella and Grandma Ruth enjoying The Wiggles concert.
Bella loves to dance to the silly songs The Wiggles sing and it's actually somewhat tolerable for Ian and I. Bella begins each morning by watching her show and drinking her milk. She started watching The Wiggles while we were visiting Baltimore in December and it became part of her routine. And in case you're wondering, yes, I allow Bella to watch television... in moderation. It allows us both to wake up in the morning and it works for our family.

We planned our departure around Bella's nap schedule. The goal was to have Bella take a nap on the way to the game so she could last through part of the game and the concert. It worked like a charm and Bella took about a 45 minute nap. Unfortunately, we arrived in 6th inning, so we watched only 3.5 innings of the game. The Rays were losing until we arrived but rallied and were able to beat the Cardinals. Like I mentioned before, this isn't Bella's first MLB game. We went to the O's v. Rays game in April when Pop was in town. She watched the entire game that time, despite our early arrival to obtain autographs. She is such a good sport and does really well. There is so much to see and with three adults, it's easy to move from lap to lap.

After the game we moved closer to the field so we could get a better view of The Wiggles. We didn't have to wait long for The Wiggles and they began playing within 30 minutes of the game ending. We listened to a few songs from our "new" seats and then moved to the actual field. It was so cool to be on the field and it was a first for all of us. We rocked out to The Wiggles and they played all of Bella's favorite songs, including "Fruit Salad", "Hot Potato" and "Mr. Knickerbocker". We danced and sang along for about an hour, which was the perfect amount of time for a children's concert.

It was such a fun day and Bella did such a wonderful job of maintaining her happy, bubbly personality with only a 45 minute afternoon nap. She loved the baseball game and she loved The Wiggles concert. We can't wait to do more fun things, like this, with her in the future. 

Well, I'm exhausted and Bella is already asleep, so goodnight all.

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

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