Friday, July 15, 2011

A long and eventful day

Like I mentioned yesterday, I developed a cough that persisted throughout much of the afternoon. I thought I had a tickle in my throat because or was irritating it. I didn't feel sick, I just had a nagging, dry cough. When I woke up today, I was still coughing but I couldn't catch my breath. 

Bella and I were playing in the family room this morning and every time I coughed, it felt like my lungs were on fire and I couldn't get enough air. It really hurt to breathe. I called Ian and asked if Grandma Ruth could come over so I could go to the doctor. Grandma Ruth was busy, so Ian said he'd come home because he didn't want me to drive myself to the doctor. He even called the doctor for me, who suggested we go immediately to the ER because I was having difficulty breathing. This F-R-E-A-K-E-D me out! I started crying, which made it more difficult for me to breathe and so I called my friend, Sara, who came running down to our house. I handed her Bella and went to sit down in the family room. I was worried that I'd pass out or something and Bella would be all by herself. Luckily, a few minutes after Sara got there, I was able to calm myself down and try to get my breathing under control. 

Ian arrived home a few minutes later and we went to the ER at Brandon Hospital. I was taken back immediately and then I began getting upset again. I don't like hospitals and I especially don't like being in control of my own body. Every time I coughed, I was in pain and I had difficulty catching my breath. After being seen by a nurse and a physician's assistant, a battery of tests were ordered and I was given an IV. The PA ordered something to open up my airway and for the pain. Within a few minutes of receiving the medications, I was feeling better. It didn't hurt to breathe, I wasn't struggling to catch my breath and I felt in control again. Since I was having chest pains, the PA ordered a blood test and chest x-ray to rule out any blood clots. You see, my sister has Factor II/prothrombin mutation which causes her blood to clot more than normal. It's genetic, so when the PA asked if any immediate family members had any clotting disorders, I had to answer yes. Luckily the test came back negative and my chest x-ray came back normal. The PA diagnosed me with an upper respiratory infection and asthma. 

I felt stupid going to the ER for an upper respiratory infection, but I have never experienced trouble breathing. Our primary care physician recommended we go to the ER, so that's exactly what we did. I still need to follow up with our PCP on Monday and I will discuss the asthma diagnosis. I've had allergies my entire life, but I've never had asthma. Both of my parents have asthma, so it could be a  possibility. The inhaler the PA prescribed works wonders and it really opens up my airways. Hopefully it's just illness induced asthma and not chronic asthma... keep your fingers crossed! The PA also prescribed a pain reliever and antibiotics. I feel much better since taking the medications and a nap. Hopefully I'll be back to normal within a day or two. 

I'd better get some more rest. It's the weekend and we have no formal plans for the weekend. I see a lot of rest and relaxation in our future. Both Ian and I deserve it. 

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

P.S. A huge thank you to Sara and Ian. She stopped what she was doing, ran down in her pajamas and was ready to drive me (and three kids) to the ER. Thank you so much Sara! Ian left work early and spent the entire day ensuring I was feeling better. Thank you so much Ian!


  1. That sounds really scary, I'm glad you had it checked out and got some medications! Get some rest!

  2. Oh I'm fine... I'm just glad it was me and not Bella. We both would have been in the ER, had that been the case.

    P.S. Post more pics of the bathroom!!! =)