Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 things I love about Maryland!

I was reading my hometown newspaper today The Baltimore Sun (online) and they ran an article about the top 100 things The Baltimore Sun loves about Baltimore. I decided to take a moment to pay homage to my home state and town. Here is my take on 10 things I love about Maryland...

1. Steamed crabs - Maryland steam crabs are unlike any seafood you've ever had. Delicious.

2. Ocean City - The only Atlantic Ocean beach access in MD and it's one of a kind.

3. Western Maryland - The beautiful mountains and my home for 4 years.

4. Snowballs - It's not a snow cone, damn it!

5. Berger cookies - Short bread cookies with chocolate ganache, need I say more?

6. Ravens - Crab cakes and football, that's what Maryland does!

7. Orioles - So they haven't won the World Series since 1983? I'm not a fair weather fan.

8. Utz Potato Chips - The B-E-S-T potato chips in the world!

9. Preakness - The second race in the triple crown and the only time it's cool to be seen at Pimlico.

10. Charm City Cakes - The bakery that designed and baked our wedding cake.

The heat is unbearable in Maryland this week. Yesterday it was 100 degrees and with the heat index, it felt like 120 degrees! I can't imagine what that must have felt like. I've experienced 100+ degree temperatures in Las Vegas, but that was dry heat. In Maryland, the humidity is awful during the summer and rivals the humidity here in Florida. Today it's supposed to be 102 degrees and the heat index will make it feel like it's 120 degrees... again. So to all of my faithful readers in the North East, crank up the a/c and try to stay cool!

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella


  1. I have come to really love crab season now that we are in the Mid-Atlantic. We love to do blue crab and blue moon night in the late spring/summer months. I need to figure out where to get those cookies-yummm!

    I've kept the ac at 70 degree all week, it's sooo hot. Debating to pick up the hubs from the airport later or have him get a cab, while I stay in the ac!

  2. If you venture in MD, any Highs or Royal Farms store should carry them. They are to die for! So delicious.

    We actually found a place in St. Pete, just over the Gandy Bridge that sells "Maryland style crabs." The folks who own it are from Salisbury, MD and they know how to steam the crabs properly.

  3. Sorry, it's 102.7 degrees and feels like 134 degrees! OMG! I cannot even fathom how hot that must be!