Thursday, July 7, 2011

MNO... Mom's Night Out!

Last night I went to dinner with a group of ladies who I've been spending a lot of time with since about October of last year. Here's a bit of background on how our mini-playgroup formed. After a lot of unnecessary drama in the large playgroup we had all been a part of, we decided to take matters into our own hands and form a small playgroup. Our kids were all born within a few months of each other and we live in close proximity to one another. We all invited and attended each baby's 1st birthday party and have been attending weekly play dates since October. It's been a lot of fun getting to know each other. 

We try to have a MNO, or a mom's night out at least once a month. We usually go to dinner, have a few drinks and chat for awhile. We've tried new restaurants that we normally wouldn't take our kids and it's been great not having to order an entree to share or feeding the kids before we feed ourselves. Sometimes at play dates, we're so consumed by the kids that we don't always have time to finish a conversation. MNO allows us to have hours of uninterrupted adult conversation. It's awesome!

We decided to try a pizza and martini bar called "Joia Fabulous Pizza and Martinis" in Riverview. As the name states, both the pizza and martinis were fabulous. We took our time to order, sipped yummy martinis and relaxed with good conversation. And although we love them dearly, it was a well deserved break from our husbands and kids. I ordered a pomegranate martini and a raspberry Bellini, along with a Margherita pizza and everything was delicious. I even had leftover pizza to bring home to share with Ian.

It was a fun evening and I was so glad to be out with the girls. We all have very busy travel schedules this summer, so it was nice to get together before everyone leaves for vacations. We have a trip to Baltimore planned, along with frequent trips to Orlando and the beach. Living in Florida, especially the Tampa Bay area is great because we're close to the beach, Orlando and we have a ton of things to see and do in the area. We have Busch Gardens and Sea World passes, as well as Disney passes and passes to Lowry Park Zoo. It's going to be a great summer!

Well, Ian is working from home today and Bella has a play date at Camden's late this morning. It's my third Thursday of not having a Thursday babysitter and I missed having the babysitter come on Monday because it was a holiday. I'm looking forward to getting back into our normal weekly routine. Grandma Ruth has been watching Bella here and there, so I guess that makes up for not having a babysitter twice a week. Anyway... Bella is napping and I need to hop in the shower so we can be ready to leave when she wakes up. Have a great day everyone!

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

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