Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beach Baby

We packed up the car and headed to Treasure Island today for the Deloitte summer party. Neither Ian nor I had been to Treasure Island in awhile so it was nice to have a change of beach scenery. The best part of the drive was passing Crabby Bills, the Don Cesar Hotel and Spinners Restaurant on St. Pete Beach and taking a quick walk down memory lane. 

While interviewing for jobs in St. Petersburg in 2005, I stayed on St. Pete Beach for about a week. Ian and I had just started dating and we went on a date to Crabby Bills on St. Pete Beach. For those of you familiar with Crabby Bills, it's a no frills seafood restaurant throughout the Tampa Bay area. Ian thought I might enjoy some seafood to keep me from getting homesick, but the less than stellar seafood made me miss Maryland and it's delicious seafood even more. It was a sweet gesture and we had fun on our date.

In early December 2007, Ian proposed to me at Maritana Grille at the Don Cesar Hotel. While it wasn't his first choice of places to propose to me, he made the proposal very special for me. Obviously I said yes and we were married in August 2008. We even contemplated getting married on St. Pete Beach but decided to get married in Maryland.

While celebrating our 1-year wedding anniversary in August 2009, I surprised Ian with some of the most exciting news of our lives at the Spinners Restaurant on St. Pete Beach. It's a really cool restaurant that overlooks the beach and gives you a 360-degree view of the Tampa Bay area as it slowly revolves. That night I told Ian that I was pregnant and he was going to be a dad! And in April 2010, we welcomed Isabella Eve Lasher into our lives! 

St. Pete Beach will always hold a special place in our hearts and we have some really fond memories of being there. It was fun to take a trip down memory lane, with all three of us on the journey. 

We arrived to the Deloitte party just before 11am and the weather was questionable from the get-go. Luckily the event was being held at the local Lions' Club so we had indoor shelter and air conditioning. We met up with Ian's friend/co-worker Greg and his daughter, Jessica, who are really great people. Greg actually has two daughters who LOVE watching after Bella. Jessica played with Bella in the water and Bella LOVED the water. She crawled out, got smacked in the face by a wave and continued crawling. Bella was fearless and it made me very nervous. Jessica held her in the water and Bella was giggling and shrieking the entire time. Bella had a blast and was worn out just in time for lunch. We ate lunch and left shortly after to head to Grandma Ruth's. Bella slept soundly on the way to Grandma Ruth's and even took an additional 90-minute nap at Grandma Ruth's. The beach really wore her out! We need to get to the beach more often.

Today was a fun day and I'm so glad that Bella enjoyed herself. She is such a fearless child, which is a great thing but causes me a great deal of worry. I'm so glad she is so fun-loving and independent but I worry about her taking a risk and getting hurt. Ah, such is life. 

We are Bella-less and I've been so tired recently, so I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! Sleeping in is a guilty pleasure of mine so when Bella is away, I take full advantage of sleeping in. 

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

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