Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy Day

It's amazing how much I can accomplish when Bella is with the babysitter! This morning I went to the gym, ran errands, got a pedicure and did multiple loads of laundry while the babysitter was watching Bella. Thank goodness we have a regular babysitter because otherwise I wouldn't be able to accomplish so many things, so quickly. And Grandma Ruth is always ready, willing and able to watch Bella when we need her. 

I hadn't been to the gym in several months and I've been meaning to get back into a routine, it just took a little longer than expected. Our gym is a mecca for moms and kids during the summer because it has multiple pools and a mini splash park. The parking lot is full but once I went inside, the gym wasn't nearly as crowded as I had originally thought. I did an hour and a half worth of cardio and it felt good. Being physically active is something I've always enjoyed, it's just a lot more difficult to get to the gym when you have a toddler who naps twice a day. My goal is to get to the gym 2-3 times a week before Bella's morning nap. She does well in the childcare center at the gym and it gives me peace of mind knowing that she is having fun while I'm working out. 

I stopped home briefly after the gym to shower and said hi to Bella. I treated myself to a pedicure and even splurged on a shellac nail polish. The shellac nail polish is different than typical nail polish in that it dries instantly when placed under a UV light and lasts up to 14-days without smudging or chipping. The nail technician said since I was getting a pedicure, the shellac nail polish should last 4 weeks without chipping. Like I mentioned before, it's a little more expensive than a regular pedicure, but if it lasts 4 weeks and looks as good as when I walk out of the nail salon, then it's worth the extra money to me. I'll let y'all know how long the shellac nail polish lasts and if I recommend getting it done or not. 

I ran errands and returned home to finish up a few loads of laundry. I really need to devise a better system of doing laundry. Currently I wait about 2-3 weeks to wash all of my clothes and so I have 3-4 loads of just my own laundry. Add another 2-3 loads for Bella and another 1-2 loads for household items and I'm stuck inside the laundry all day! Ian typically washes his own clothes (yes, he does his own laundry) and so that lightens my loads of laundry a little bit. I did 6 loads of laundry today which means I'll have 6 loads worth of clothes to either hang up or fold and put away in drawers. Geez, laundry really is a never ending chore!!!

It's been a long and productive day and I'm exhausted! I also haven't been feeling the best and so I'm hoping to get into bed early tonight. Hopefully I'll wake up feeling better tomorrow. So it's off to bed for me with a heating pad and some Advil. Nighty-night!

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella


  1. You'll love the shellac! That's what I usually get and it does last a month. You can feel a little better in that it's probably cheaper in Florida than DC, I pay $40-$50 for just the manicure here-yikes!

  2. Haha, that'll probably make Ian feel better. =)