Saturday, July 16, 2011

Do you zulily?!?

About 9 months ago, I was introduced by my dear friend, Jessica S. to It's a super cute website that offers daily, private sales to moms. They've had amazing sales on everything from children's clothing, maternity clothing, nursing bras and even the coveted Ergo baby carrier. The company sends out daily emails and has a ton of listings every day. I recently made my third purchase from zulily and I think it's one of my best purchases yet. Thanks to Jessica S., I am now a zulily junkie and browse the various sales each and every day. 

For Easter, I ordered Bella an adorable Silly Goose pink and white smocked Easter bubble. It was so cute and had adorable little Easter bunny smocking. She looked beautiful and the outfit and I paid about half price for the outfit. I didn't get a great deal on this outfit, but I ordered it last minute and it was holiday specific. The outfit retails for $64 and I paid $34.99 for it. 

Last month I order Bella a Rosalina yellow and blue smocked two-piece set with seahorse smocking. I thought it would be festive for her to wear it to the aquarium or Sea World. I paid a little more than I would like to admit for the outfit, but it was really cute. The outfit retails for $68, but I only paid $34.99. 

A few days later, I saw bright and colorful patterns from Claire & Charlie. I bought Bella a pink and white seersucker two-piece outfit with pink polkadot trim. I'll probably have my friend Sara embroider Bella's initials or name on it for me (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). I also bought Bella a paisley print Claire & Charlie bubble. The two-piece outfit retails for $66 and the bubble retails for $78, but I only paid $68.98 for both outfits! 

I know you're thinking that I paid way too much for clothes for a 15-month-old, who may only wear each outfit once or twice, but I couldn't resist! I love dressing Bella in beautiful clothes and she is worth every penny. I rarely buy clothes for myself any more, so I enjoy splurging on adorable outfits for my darling daughter. Plus, depending upon if and when we have another child, I plan on either reusing or consigning Bella's clothes (depending upon the gender). The best part about zulily is that you can receive $15 for each person you refer once they make a purchase from zulily. Check out the zulily website and use my link if you are new and want to make a purchase: my zulily link. New sales are listed daily and new brands are offered from time to time. 

Anyway, we've had a relaxing day at home and we've been able to catch up on work and housework. Now we're off to meet Grandma Ruth for dinner in West Chase. Enjoy the rest of the day y'all!

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

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