Monday, July 25, 2011

"Just whistle while you work"

I strive to keep a house that is clean and tidy. I am a stay-at-home mother and keeping a clean house is part of my duties. But there is one room in our house that I struggle to keep clean and tidy... and that room is our master bedroom. As a child, I always struggled to keep my bedroom clean. As an adult, I suffer from the same problem. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to keep our master bedroom clean! It's not that we have a super messy bedroom or anything, it's just that our bedroom becomes a catch all for baskets of folded laundry and everything that needs to be upstairs. Today, while the babysitter was here, I took on the task of cleaning our master bedroom.

I stripped the bed, which is something I do quite often, but I figured we should have clean bed linens if our bedroom was going to be clean. It took two loads of laundry, but we have bed linens that are fresh and clean. I then organized and put away three baskets worth of laundry that had been sitting in our room for quite some time. Most of the laundry belonged to Bella, but some of the laundry belonged to me. I put away the eight pairs of shoes that were laying on our bedroom floor, in their proper place, in my closet. I put away a few odds and ends and my organization of the bedroom was complete. Organizing seems to take the most time so once I was finished organizing, I knew it was smooth sailing... I dusted and polished ALL of the bedroom furniture. And by all, I mean, our king size bed, two chest of drawers, two nightstands, two bookshelves and one dresser.

By the time I was finished, it was time for the babysitter to leave. I couldn't believe it took me nearly 4 hours to clean and organize our master bedroom! And trust me, it was well worth the money! I'm happy to have a neat and clean bedroom and so is Ian. It will be so relaxing to sleep in a clean and organized bedroom tonight. I know for a fact that it is relaxing because I took a quick nap this afternoon and had no problem falling asleep! =)

Ian is super busy at work because he has a deadline looming, which makes for a stressed out husband/daddy. On the bright side, he is working from home this week because he's having connectivity issues with his client laptop at the office. It's nice to have Ian home during the week, but Bella and I aren't used to the extra company during the day. She often calls for "da-da" and seeks his attention throughout the day. I find myself asking him to do little things here and there, forgetting that it's a week day and he is working. Ooops! We'd better get used to it, as he will most likely be working from home for the rest of the week. 

Ian is burning the midnight oil (even though it's only 9pm) and I am exhausted (despite my nap), so I am calling it a night. Goodnight! Tomorrow is another busy day...

Love always,
Ian, Kim & Bella

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