Saturday, February 11, 2012

Albert Whitted Park

This morning, after a quick trip to the gym, we packed up the family and headed to St. Pete for a birthday party. The birthday party was being hosted at a really cool park in downtown St. Pete called Albert Whitted Park. It's a park located next to an airport and on the water. It's an absolutely beautiful setting! The play ground has an airplane theme and has awesome climbing equipment and even a conveyor belt slide. Now if only the weather would have cooperated...

We bundled up as best we could but we hadn't planned on it being so windy! It was about 55 degrees and so windy, so it made it a pretty chilly. Being on the water didn't help, but we still enjoyed ourselves and Bella LOVED the park. She wanted to be pushed in the swing for a good 20-minutes and went down this one slide at least 25 times.

We enjoyed some tasty treats with our friends and sang happy birthday to Bella's friend, Davin. We also enjoyed cupcakes with bright blue icing. After staining our teeth blue and freezing in the wind, we decided to head home. Luckily Bella stayed awake on the car ride home and we were able to put her down for a nap. All the fresh, cool air and playing must have worn her out because she slept for almost 4-hours!

But if you're ever in St. Pete and looking for a fun place to take the kids, be sure to check out Albert Whitted Park... you won't be disappointed!

Speaking of the weather, tomorrow is supposed to only have a high of 50 degrees and a low of 33 degrees. Brrr! It's a nice reprieve from the 80 degree weather we've been having, but 60 degrees would have sufficed.

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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