Monday, February 13, 2012

Fresh start to the week

We began our day with a BIG shopping trip at Publix. I bought enough food for the next two weeks and have dinners planned for the next week. The amount of money I spent was ridiculous, but buying fresh meat, fruits and vegetables can be expensive. To me, it's worth spending the money to be able to provide healthy meals for my family. Between the money I spent and the two carts full of groceries, I would say we had a successful trip to Publix.

We hurried home so that we could be home to meet with the company I hired to pressure wash our driveway, sidewalks and lanai. We usually pressure wash the lanai ourselves but we wanted to pressure the pool cage, driveway and sidewalks, too. I asked for recommendations but took a chance on a company I found on Craigslist. The gentleman who owns the company provided me with the proper credentials, including his business license and insurance policy and allowed me to negotiate an awesome price. He quoted me on price and I talked him down by $20 (yup, I'm pretty proud of myself). He arrived 5-minutes early and was so courteous and nice! He is an EMT for the county and does this on the side. He quickly went to work and by 2pm, our pool cage, lanai, driveway and sidewalks were restored to almost new! We will definitely be hiring him to pressure wash the house later this spring. So if you're in the Tampa Bay area and need a pressure washer, contact Ed at MasterStream... he does fabulous work!

We wrapped up our day with a delicious dinner of creamy Italian chicken in the crockpot over rice with green beans. Yum! I am on a crockpot kick and the old crockpot will be getting lots of use in the next few weeks.

Oh and the highlight of our day was going to visit Paul, Lisa and baby Daniella at the hospital. Oh my goodness, she is so precious! And she looks just like her daddy! I can't wait to see her again and I'm so excited for Bella to meet her. She is going to love her!

Hopefully the rest of the week is just as good as today because we have a lot planned this week. Between preschool registration, multiple play dates, Sprouts and visiting with Grandma Ruth, we will be busy, busy, busy this week. It's our week to host our weekly play date and we are excited to share Bella's new climber and sand/water table, as well as some new recipes I'm trying out. And as usual, Ian will be busy, busy, busy with work... bummer.

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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