Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lazy Saturday

**Warning** This may be the MOST BORING post I have ever written, but it pretty much sums up my relaxing, but very boring day.

Today marked my first real day of temporary bed rest. I began the day by sleeping in until 8am and then I joined my favorite little girl for breakfast in the kitchen. Ian wanted to get Bella out of the house so I could rest which meant a trip to the gym. Apparently the gym was beyond crowded but Ian was able to workout and Bella was able to play in the kids area. While they were at the gym, I made myself comfortable on the couch and watched some television.

Poor Ian worked during Bella's 3-hour nap and I relaxed on the couch some more. I must admit, as nice as it is to relax all day, I sure felt guilty about Ian having to take care of Bella and work. Ian is really understanding about me having to rest, but I still feel really guilty not being able to take care of Bella. Hopefully this is just a temporary situation and I'll be back to business as usual soon enough. Ian knows how guilty I feel and I can't stop thanking him for all of his love and support. He keeps reminding me that this is all temporary (even if it continues for the next 8 weeks) and our family will be just fine. He works 60+ hours a week and doesn't complain about having to pick up my slack. I am lucky to have such a hardworking and family oriented husband! Thank you, Ian!

The rest of my day consisted of me laying on the couch and doing a whole lot of nothing. It was a pretty boring Saturday, with the exception of an exciting trip to Michael's and PetSmart. Woo-hoo! Michael's was having a sale on frames and I needed to pick some up to complete a decorating project in baby #2's room. Between the sale and the extra 25% off coupon I had, I picked up 5 frames for $3.75 a piece! It sure beats paying $12 a piece! I also picked up some card stock to finish my project. Our trip to PetSmart was uneventful and Ian ran quickly inside to buy some food and treats for Kaiser. The rest of our evening was filled with dinner, play time and movie time. Bella wanted to watch "Toy Story" so we gladly obliged until it was time for our bath, book and bed routine. 

Strawberries, bananas and Chex cereal... yum!
So happy to be eating like a big girl at the table.
Well, that pretty much sums up my extremely boring day. On a positive note, today was the first day I didn't experience frequent BH contractions, so all of the rest and relaxation must be beneficial. Grandma Ruth is planning on taking Bella tomorrow for the night, so I will also have Sunday and Monday to rest and relax. Now if I could only find things to occupy my time that involve minimal exertion, then I'd be golden. My mind keeps thinking about the 100 things that I could be doing around the house, including cleaning and laundry, but those will have to wait. Thankfully our house is clean (not OCD clean, but clean) and we have enough clean clothes to last us for several weeks. But enough about my super boring lazy and boring day... this recap is beginning to bore me.

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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