Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Bella and I woke up to this morning to find these beautiful roses and a card for each of us from the man who takes such good care of us... daddy! How sweet! It was even sweeter that Bella and I slept in a little bit and had sort of a lazy morning at home. We ate breakfast and lounged around until it was time for us to head to a Valentine's Day play date with some friends. I'm not usually into Valentine's Day, but there's something about seeing Ian express his unconditional love for Bella that absolutely melts my heart.

I recently joined a new moms group and I'm very excited about the new friends for the two of us. I was invited by my friend Michelle, who I had met before we had kids. Michelle's husband and Ian worked together at two different accounting firms and still keep in touch. The moms group is relatively small, which is good for me. So far, everyone seems really nice and welcoming, so I have high hopes for being an active participant in this group. We got a little lost on our way to the play date, but ended up finding our way and making it just in time for some gymnastics free play. The music class we attend also offers a gymnastics class for little ones, but I've never partaken in the free trial class because I always felt like Bella was too young. Apparently I was wrong and Bella LOVED the gymnastics class! She seemed to enjoy swing and flipping on the high bar the most and giggled as the instructor helped her swing and flip. It was adorable. And for only being 22-months-old, the child has pretty good balance. She walked along the balance beam with the instructor's assistance once and then wanted to try it on her own. With one foot in front of the other, Bella carefully walked along the balance beam without falling. I was very impressed with her balance, given her age. The trampoline started off fun, but then another little one decided to join her on the trampoline and ended up knocking Bella off. She fell and hit her head on the floor, but seemed to be okay after a few moments. My poor little girl! The mom of the other little one was very apologetic, but I reassured her that accidents happen and Bella was seriously hurt. 

Our afternoon was pretty uneventful and consisted of playing outside, lunch and naps. We played in the backyard before lunch time and Bella loved playing at her sand/water table, as well as chasing Kaiser all around the yard. She has discovered the doggy door on the lanai and likes to crawl out the doggy door to follow Kaiser. As for naps... I accidentally fell asleep on the couch in the family... for almost 3-hours! I must have been exhausted because I don't remember falling asleep and didn't wake up until almost 4pm! Unfortunately I will probably be paying for this tonight... damn. Hopefully there are some shows on the DVR I can catch up with tonight because it's going to be a late night for sure. After naps, we played outside for almost 2-hours until Ian came home from work. We enjoyed a delicious dinner of pot roast, carrots and potatoes in the crock pot. I am seriously in love with the crock pot this week!

While Ian was up and at 'em this morning taking care of his Valentine's Day surprises, he also went to register Bella for preschool. He arrived early and his timing paid off because we were able to enroll Bella in the Monday/Wednesday/Friday 2-year-old class. I had some reservations about enrolling her in preschool for 3-days a week, but Ian reassured me it was only a total 9-hours a week that she'd be in school. Once he explained that it was practically one day with the babysitter or one day at Grandma Ruth's it didn't seem so bad. Unlike most "preschools" in the area, this program is an actual preschool. They track the progress of the kids and follow a general curriculum. This interested us because the last thing we wanted to do was send Bella to daycare. A lot of daycares seem to hide behind the facade of being a preschool. We are very excited to have enrolled Bella in such a great preschool and can't wait to begin her educational journey. I even ordered Bella a backpack and lunchbox from Pottery Barn Kids, as shipping was free and I received a 10% discount, too. She is going to look super cute with her little backpack and lunchbox and I'm sure she will be excited to have new things for school. 

Surprisingly, as I sit here and type, I am realizing just how tired I may really be. Maybe it won't be such a late night after all... my body could really use the extra rest. I mean, I am growing a human being inside of me! Tomorrow will be a busy day as we prepare to host our play date on Thursday. For some reason, I always feel the need to clean my house from top to bottom BEFORE a play date, despite my house being totally trashed AFTER a play date. I guess it's just the neat freak in me... sigh. I also have food to make, but the recipes are pretty simple so it shouldn't take long. 

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

P.S. I am 31-weeks pregnant today... only 9 more weeks to go. Or if this baby is on Bella-time, only 7 more weeks to go! =)

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