Thursday, February 23, 2012

Typical Thursday

Today was a typical Thursday for us. I managed to rest enough to feel well enough to attend our weekly play date. Both Bella and I desperately needed to get out of the house and a low key play date was exactly what we needed. Bella played with her friends and I relaxed on Amanda's couch. It was great having the extra help and it was really nice to have a yummy lunch made for us.

Bella took an almost 4-hour nap after we got home and I relaxed on my favorite new spot... the couch in the family room. I caught up on a few DVR'ed shows and caught up with a friend on the phone. Keeping busy during nap time is difficult when I'm not supposed to be exerting myself. Normally I would partake in nap time but I've been sleeping pretty well at night and I don't want to risk messing that up.

After nap time, we went outside to play in the backyard, per Bella's request. She enjoys her sandbox, sand toys and chasing Kaiser around the yard. I am able to sit on the lanai and watch her play without too much exertion. I sometimes have to assist her in entering/exiting the lanai through her favorite door... the doggy door. We've actually been looking at swing sets for our backyard but are doing our homework and shopping around. We want something she can enjoy now and 5-years from now. We also have limited space due to the size of our lanai but we are still able to fit a decent size swing set in the space we have. We would like one with swings, a slide and a little clubhouse area. There are so many options and we're going to take our time making this decision.

Well, Ian should be home from work soon. I just need to keep this little munchkin occupied for a bit longer and we will have survived another day of modified bed rest. I'm disappointed we will have to miss Sprouts tomorrow but thought that it might be fun if Ian were to take her to the make up class on Saturday morning! I'm going to call tomorrow to see if there is room and run my great idea by Ian... I'm sure he will be game!

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

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