Friday, January 20, 2012

Busy morning... one tired toddler

This picture of Bella sums up the busy morning we had. We began running errands around 8:30am and were finished by 10:00am. We hit up Babies-R-Us for some closet organization supplies, including a ton of hangers and some other things I need to the closet in the nursery neat and organized. All of the clothes that needed to be folded, have been folded and put away in the two dressers. I just need to hang up a TON of other clothes in the closet. We ended up having to go to Buy Buy Baby (oh darn) for a few accessories for the new stroller*. We then quickly ran to the Walmart Neighborhood Market, which I had never been to. We're getting one right around the corner and I am now very excited because this store was awesome! I needed a few cleaning supplies and I was able to pick up everything I needed without having to fight the crowds at the regular Walmart. We then headed to our weekly music class at Sprouts.

Last week I enrolled Bella in an 8-week music and play class at a locally owned place called Sprouts. It's like a teeny-tiny Gymboree and the kids have a lot of fun. We sing songs, dance around, read books and have free play. The kids seem to really enjoy the free play because there is a super cool mini-gym set up with a slide and a few climb on toys. The class is about an hour and time really seems to fly because we're having so much fun. I especially like the class because it's a private class for our play group. There are only 7 of us, which makes for a fun class because there's plenty of room for the kids to move around. The class before ours had about 15 kids and that just seemed like way too many. This is something I should have done with Bella a long time ago, because once we stopped going to infant play group at the Brandon Family Resource Center we haven't enrolled in any sort of class. We are definitely enjoying ourselves and I'm so glad we get to spend this time together before baby #2 arrives in April.

After Sprouts, we headed to the Green Iguana for lunch with our friends. Lunch with so many kids is always interesting, but the kids were so well behaved today. The service was super slow and we ended up spending over an hour there. By the time our food arrived, Bella was beginning to lose steam. Rather than have a meltdown, my precious little girl laid her head on the table and fell asleep. She slept for about 15-minutes before we left. I managed to snap a few pictures, including the one above. But honestly, how cute is she?!? Thank goodness she continued her nap when we got home and I also took a little nap myself. 

A quick trip to the mall after dinner and some play time at the indoor playground added to Bella's exhaustion and she was ready for bed as soon as we got home. I love how well my little girl sleeps and like her mother, when she's ready for bed... she's ready for bed. Hopefully baby #2 sleeps just as well! 

We're thankful the weekend is here and I see a lot of relaxation in our future. We don't have any real plans and we are caught up on everything around the house, so we will definitely be enjoying another relaxing weekend at home. 

Love always,
Ian, Kim, Bella & Baby #2

*We sold our Baby Jogger City Mini Single stroller and so we needed to order our new stroller a little sooner than expected. We ended up buying the Baby Jogger City Select stroller. It arrived on Wednesday and today was the first day we were able to use it. I must say, this stroller is AWESOME! It has 16 different seating configurations and can be a single or a double stroller. It's not quite as compact as my City Mini, but it folds up a lot more compact than most double strollers. Bella also seems to enjoy her new stroller. 

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